Day Twenty Six: My Hidden Talent

It’s day twenty six one of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with My Hidden Talent.


So, I really don’t know what to write today. I even asked Zombie and he pointed out that I don’t really hide my talents, for example I post photos of my cooking (I’m pretty good at cooking) and everyone knows I can sing alright. I’m a very open person and there isn’t a lot that I keep hidden so how on earth do I write this post?

I wrote that part of the post a few hours ago. I have since been to the gym and completely exhausted myself with a step class (but I feel amazing, in an exhausted kind of way) but I’m still drawing a blank as to my ‘hidden’ talent.

I’m certainly not putting myself down, I believe I have many talents, I just don’t hide them. What’s the point in having a gift if you aren’t going to use it? And I can’t do any party tricks like peeling bananas with my toes or other such talents so those are out too.

I guess the closest thing I have to a hidden talent is my knack for remembering numbers. I am absolutely useless at maths, but I can remember large series of digits without any effort.

I remember my brother once asked me for my bank account number. I responded immediately and without taking a breathe, the 15 digit number. My brother stared at me blankly, my mothers mouth dropped and my friend who was there also looked at me like I was mental and said a less polite version of “how is that even possible”.

I still remember several cellphone and home numbers of people that I haven’t contacted for years. They might have changed numbers by now, but I still remember their old ones. Due to electronic address books and less need for physically dialing numbers I don’t know a lot of my current friends phone numbers but I truly believe it is because I’ve never physically dialled them. I remember all of my client and other peoples contact numbers for work, even though there are at least a few dozen of them, because I’ve had to dial them so many times and seen then on the caller ID just as many times too.

I can also still remember the PLU numbers for a lot of the produce when I worked as a checkout operator after school when I was 15. Sometimes I still punch them in to the self checkout these days instead of using the images, just to see of they’re still the same. They are.


I don’t know if it’s actually a talent but it is something I’m proud of. I like the jaw drop look I get when I rattle off a long number without pause and it means I don’t have to bother with looking things up. Now if I could just remember where I left my sunglasses…

Smiles and Sunshine


5 thoughts on “Day Twenty Six: My Hidden Talent

  1. I love it, what a fabulous talent. It took me years to remember my social insurance number and was quite proud when I finally did, so I’m quite amazed with your ability. Plus, you never know when you just might need to pull out a string of numbers 😛

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  2. I admire and envy your number talent; I am impossible with the things. Fortunately, my husband is more like you; but he sometimes rolls his eyes when I have to ask him, again, what our credit card number is. I also loved the way you ended this post. I giggled.

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    1. Thank you! I was hoping that get a so pleased to hear you laughed. It is true though, I’m always wondering where my sunglasses are, sometimes even when they’re on my head!


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