100 Happy Days 81/100, Starfishing

My bed is one of my favourite places in the world to be. Lying on my side with one hand under my pillow, snuggled up with the duvet wrapped up round my ears, toasty warm and relaxing . I love sleeping and while I’m not always very good at it, I am very good at staying in bed. For as long as possible. 

The problem with my bed however is that I am not the person who likes to sleep in it. Zombie gets half, which is actually more like three quarters (or two thirds on his generous days) and also has control of 90% of the blankets (no matter what I do to keep them on my side).  And he snores. Okay so do I, but Zombie always falls asleep first so I’m often left wide awake trying to mentally drown out what sounds like a cross between him choking and a freight train rushing through our house.

Add a tiny one year old who sometimes wants in and likes to take up as much room as possible, who also snores surprisingly loudly and I spend a lot more time clinging to the edge of the bed, a scrap of duvet cover just barely reaching over my entire body than I do in my favourite sleeping position.

And they fart. A lot. I know it’s a natural bodily function and we all do it, I’m just not a fan of it in enclosed spaces.

Last night I got to sleep in a bed by myself. It was a single bed, but it was so much more room than I’m used to and the blankets were ALL MINE! I spent the first few minutes after I got into bed Starfishing and trying as many different lying positions I could think of in an attempt to utilize as much of the space available to me as possible.

There was no snoring, no farting, no kicks in the back, no waking up freezing but unable to convince a half asleep Zombie that I’m actually just trying to get some blanket and not stealing it from him… It was wonderful and I slept solidly (which I’m pretending is all to do with having the bed to myself and nothing to do with the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed before going to bed.)

I loved the sleep, but I didn’t enjoy waking up alone so much, especially when I realised that yes, I did have blankets but I’d moved in my sleep so that as usual I was clinging on to the edge of the bed for dear life. Plus I missed waking up to my family smiling at me, pleased that I’d finally woken up to start my day with them.

Staying away from Bubble overnight for the first time was strange and full of pros and cons but I had a wonderful time having good food, laughs and a few too many drinks with the girls. It was just the break I needed, a night off from baby duties and a chance to let my hair down. Plus due to the wonders of technology Zombie was able to send me photos of them playing together so I still got my family fix too.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 80/100, Mum’s First Night Off

I’ve got mixed emotions today. I have an overnight Hen’s Night to attend which I’m really looking forward to, but I’m also rather nervous about my first night away from Bubble. 

I don’t have anything fancy to dress up in and I haven’t owned makeup since before Bubble was born so I actually don’t have any to put on, but I’m excited all the same about a few drinks and shenanigans. And I’m definitely looking forward to a night off baby duties. 

I did get to do my hair up which is always fun

Smiles and Sunshine

100 Happy Days 79/100, Cruising

I have to drive every day, through rush hour traffic, sometimes sitting still for ages or creeping slowly along a road that usually takes a few minutes to get down or just sitting at a set of lights through two or three cycles before getting through them.

But sometimes I get to just drive, when I’m on my way home from my support group or other things in the evening. I’m alone, the music is blaring and I take quite the tiki tour, sometimes through the tunnel, sometimes down the motorway and back. It’s just nice to have that time just for me.

The interior of my old BMW. I miss the drive but not the price of gas!

 Smiles and sunshine


100 Happy Days 78/100, Monkeys

Have you ever been working on something, at home or work and had someone interrupt you with a problem. You’ve then taken on the issue yourself because that’s easier, despite the fact that it takes you away from what you are doing. Maybe you have been the interrupter. Or maybe like me you regularly do both. These interruptions, are Monkeys.

Work put on a time management course for us this evening which I jumped at the chance to take. It’s safe to say that I do not have all my shit in one sock so when it comes to time management and organization, I need all the help I can get.

And it was great. The presenter was hilarious and had us laughing throughout the session, but also kept us on track. She had good time management! 

I took heaps away from this session and I’m excited to start making changes. We also had group brainstorms and focused on things that we can work together improve some areas. Best of all I learned some things about myself, like the fact that I give people at work Monkeys all the time but also accept them too readily. I am so glad I went to this course. 

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 77/100, Relief


Over the past fifteen years eczema has been the bane of my existence. Waking up with blood all over the sheets from skin scratched raw in my sleep, flaky skin raining down like snow flakes when I take of any item of clothing… The piercing sting as the myriad creams, oils and crazy concoctions people guaranteed me would ‘clear that right up’ hit my skin. 

My leg today

For the record nothing worked until I cut processed food out of my diet, but that’s another story.

My eczema has been terrible lately, which is odd as I’ve been eating better. I’ve had colds and bugs for so many months now though that I guess it’s just my body fighting other things. On Monday night it reached a peak. It’s usually localised to my legs and a smidge on my elbows, but I was pretty much covered from my neck down. I knew it was time to see my doctor.

I had to see a different doctor this time and I’m quite glad I did. She gave me the usual steroids and antibiotics but she also gave me different creams and ointments I’d never used before. 

And they work! 

After putting them on my skin complained. A lot. Any affected areas swelled, wept to the point that it was dripping down my body it and felt like my skin was on fire for about an hour. When it eventually all settled down I felt relief before realising that there was already a noticeable difference in the appearance and feel of my skin.

My arm today

The pictures are an arm and a leg today after one day of treatment. They look awful I know, but yesterday they were fire engine red, dry and rough to the touch all over, weeping, bleeding, flaking, bumpy and so sore I was walking funny. Today I feel like I have new skin and that makes me happy.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 75/100, Readers

Today’s post is a quick note to say thank you to you, for reading my blog. Whether it’s your first time reading one of my posts, or a casual reader who comes and goes, or one of my regular readers, and especially those who like and comment on my posts on any platform. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to read something that little old me wrote.