100 Happy Days 28/100, Achievement

I did the impossible this week. In the first three days. I managed to hold onto something for longer than it took to get the item home, even into a new day. Two of them. I’m still in disbelief at what I’ve acheived.

Okay so I’m exaggerating… A lot, but I am feeling quite proud of myself. I bought a couple of chocolate bars on Monday night while I was at the supermarket. It was an impulse buy, one that used to happen every time I went to the supermarket for a while there, but that I’d been managing to resist lately (another achievement in itself). 

I threw them in my bag and they’ve sat there ever since. It’s now Wednesday night and they’re still in my bag. They might not still be there tomorrow night, but the fact remains that they’ve lasted in my possession for two days and considering I’d usually scoff them down on the car road home, I’m classing it as something to feel good about.

Smiles and Sunshine



100 Happy Days 27/100, Quoted

Bit of a cop out today just sharing a quote but it’s well past my bedtime and I still haven’t written a post today so instead here’s one of my favourite happiness quotes. 

I know that things in life can get overwhelming or upsetting quite quickly but I do believe that to some extent we have a choice in how we cope with these situations. Sometimes I find this choice difficult, particularly when I’m having a low day or run of them. I’m working on it.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 26/100, Disappointment

One of my favourite things, that happens very rarely for me, is to have the house to myself. I love Zombie and Bubble, but they can be noisy and require a lot of upkeep on my part. As a result, sometimes I like silence and watching mindless TV or listenin to music other than metal it even just sitting in silence reading. 

Tonight was supposed to be a night for me to have the house to myself for a few hours. Bubble would be home and in bed which ninety-nine percent of nights means he will sleep until morning and I was looking forward to doing something by myself. I hadn’t even decided what, all I knew was I was going to enjoy it. 

Of course tonight was the one percent and Bubble decided that he would rather cry if he was in bed or play if Mum tried cuddling him to sleep. As a compromise we ended up playing for a bit before having cuddles to sleep.

I was a little disappointed at missing out on a rare night to myself, but I am just as happy to have had some extra quality time alone with my son as well as I know that these moments do not last forever. 

I also love watching him sleep

I feel that my post partum depression and Anxiety robbed me of a lot of the enjoyment when my wee man was a newborn. I was so worried about doing something terribly wrong as a new mum half the time to the other half I was too depressed to enjoy anything, but I think this is part of the reason I make sure to treasure as many precious moments as I can with Bubble. I think being a working mum contributes to that appreciation too.

Plus once he finally did nod off to sleep I still had about an hour to myself and I ended up sitting in silence and writing this post which I’ve found very relaxing.

Do you enjoy your alone time?

Do you have any special family moments that you particularly treasure?

And if you’re playing 100 Happy Days along with me, what are you happy about today?

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 25/100, Quarter Way Mark

I’m pretty happy with the fact that I’ve kept up with this challenge for the last 25 days. It hasn’t been easy, there have been days where I’ve spent most of the day wondering what to write about, but I’ve noticed mostly positive side effects aside from that. I’ve even managed to make the majority of my posts more than one paragraph long which I’m hoping makes it more interesting for my readers.

I’m waking up happier. I’m not necessarily finding it easier to get out if bed, but mornings no longer seem like the worst thing that was ever invented. Maybe the third or fourth. Mornings have never been my friend, aside from when I was at the height of my healthy during my elimination diet, but just the fact that I’m finding them a tad easier is definitely worth noting.

I’ve been sick with a cold (again) for the majority of the challenge so far. I’ve had colds for more days of this year than I haven’t, but I’m feeling more alive this time round and less negative about the whole experience of being sick. I’ve also coped better with Bubble being sick as well which is a major improvement.

Life isn’t perfect at the moment and for most of the year I’ve dwelled on this. Post partum depression has a habit of clouding my judgment and making silver linings difficult to find, but I’ve noticed subtle changes in myself over the last couple of weeks. I don’t get angry as quickly. Not to say I’ve got an anger problem but my temper has been very short. Plus I’ve been enjoying the little things more, like my family time and taking stock of my blessings.

Today I had a baby shower to go to where I was only going to know two people. In the past when I’m in depression recovery going out to a situation like that would be just a no and I’d cancel at the last minute, pretending to be sick or double booked. To be fair, I did contact the mother first to make sure she was aware of my cold but I went and I even enjoyed myself. Plus I wore earrings for the first time since well before Bubble was born which was a nice feeling.

I’ve also managed to lose a few kgs without even trying. Obviously I’m eating better in order to do this, by I’m not looking at it as a huge daunting task and I’m even turning down chocolate at times which has always been something I’ve struggled with.

If the first quarter of the 100 Happy Days challenge is anything to go by, training my mind to think positively every day is going to have a great impact on me. I’m a bit nervous of finding 75 more days of material, but if the past 25 days are a good indication of what’s to come I know I’ll get through eat day, even if it is just a hurried blessings post at the end of some days.

Have you ever done this or a similar challenge before?

What’s something you are happy about today?

Do you think positivity is powerful?

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 24/100, Sleeping It Off

I had a completely different post in my head for today but it’s been the laziest of days so instead I’m going to talk about that.

Because it was soooo good!

The three of us were still in bed at ten (not all sleeping) then we mostly just played and ate until Bubble needed a nap. Apparently so did I. For four hours!

It’s the first Saturday in a long time that there’s been nothing that needed to be done and I took full advantage. No regrets. And definitely needed, we’ve all been so sick it was past time for a break. 

The downside to a long nap #PartyAllNight

Tomorrow it’s back into the hustle and bustle and it is a little concerning that it’s ten-thirty and Bubble is still full of beans, but at least we’re well rested and had a great day doing literally nothing. 
Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 23/100, Raving Weekends

It’s 9.30 on a Friday night. My son is in bed asleep and Zombie and I are watching TV and playing on our phones. Passing time until we go to bed which I doubt will be far away.

There are toys strewn throughout the house from Bubbles adventures during the day. The dishes haven’t been done but I’m sure we can do them in the morning. I am relaxed to the point that getting up to go to bed seems like far too much effort. I’ll probably stay up a little later than ideal because of that but that’s okay too.

This is pretty much my perfect Friday night.

Smiles and Sunshine,


100 Happy Days 22/100, The List

Today hasn’t been a great day, so instead of dwell in on it I’m going to make a list of some things that make me happy.

This is in no way a conclusive list, I just find that sometimes it’s helpful to me to count my blessings and think happy thoughts. 

My beautiful baby boy.

Lying in bed and listening to rain on the roof.

My wee family.

When the house is tidy (this is a rare occasion so I savour it).

My best friend Neens.

People helping each other out/random acts of kindness.

My mother and siblings.

Sitting outside on a pleasant summers evening just enjoying life.

When I grow something edible.

Having a job and a roof over my head.


Good news and feel good stories in the media.

Doing my bit

Listening to music and singing.

My Zombie.

Got a list of your own? Share it with me in the comments!

Smiles and Sunshine