Getting Healthy Week Six

I missed weeks four and five. I gave myself a scale and measurement holiday because I was sick for three weeks. Just a cold, but a cold that knocked me down and wouldn’t go away and that made me stuff my face with ALL the carbs. I’m better now, not 100% but enough to feel human again which is a good start. I also didn’t blog because who wants to read about someone whining that they are under the weather for three weeks. Not me.

I’m feeling like a bit of a fraud really. I’ve had excuse after excuse this time around for why I’m not sticking to my goals but ultimately the only person I’m letting down is myself. And maybe my family since I’m better to them healthy. The worst part is that being sick was probably my first acceptable reason to stop and rest. The ironic thing if I’d put in more effort the weeks before I got sick I probably wouldn’t have gotten as sick. I think denial might be a factor also.

I’ve decided to try not to dwell on it too much. What’s done is done and it doesn’t mean I should give up or get all negative about it. So here’s the positive!

My weight hasn’t changed dramatically. Neither up nor down, despite the carb fest I’ve been on for three weeks. This I am pleased about. Somehow my measurements are still heading down also. All I can say for this round is that I got lucky, but it’s still a win.

Weight: 117.3 – up 700 gms 
Bust: 112, down 4 cm

Waist: 115, down 1.5 cm

Hips: 132, down 3 cm

Zucchini and chickpea fritters for meal prep this week

None of My goals are being attempted at the moment, but it’s definitely time to get back on track with them so this week I’ve made sure to hit 10,000 steps every day. Big improvement from the 4-5 thousand I’ve been averaging while sick. Next weeks goal will be making a meal plan and sticking to it.
Smiles and Sunshine



Getting Healthy Week Three

Healthy being the laughable word in the title of this post.  I have been so sick it’s not funny.  Man-flu.  I swear I have Man-flu.

Zombie was away for the weekend, leaving Bubble and I at home without him and unfortunately I passed my lurgies onto the poor wee man.  Fortunately for him and me, he is far to busy to be getting bogged down with Man-flu so all he had was a cold that barely affected his ability to zoom around the house at a rate of a mile a minute… leaving a trail of snot wherever he had been.  I had fun chasing him with my no energy status and was grateful that he crashed sooner than normal and went into cuddle mode.

The cuddles were great, Bubble asleep on my chest while I watched stupid movies on TV, going through box after box of tissues and downing lemon and honey hot drinks.  So grateful we have a lemon tree at our new house!  Plus my friend popped around for a while, ran some errands for me and looked after the two of us for a few hours which was awesome, but I missed out on going to my work do that I had been looking forward to and I didn’t get to enjoy the chance to starfish on the bed and not spend the night fighting for blankets and struggling to stay on the bed.  Zombie is both a blanket and bed thief, despite his inability to admit to it.

The week wasn’t all bad.  My friend bought me chocolate which as I was sick and had barely any appetite I had no qualms about eating and it did make me feel a little better, even if it was just emotionally.  Plus with Zombie being away Mum came round to look after Bubble while I was at work and it was really nice to come home to my Mum when I wasn’t feeling very well.  Zombie had a great time away on his ice hockey trip, despite coming back with Man-flu himself.  He also noted that even though he had only been gone for four days that there was a tangible difference in Bubble, including being able to pull himself up to check out Sheldon the turtle in his tank!

As far as keeping up my goals last week, they pretty much went out the window.  My step count was only met two days and even that was a struggle as I could tell I was getting sick, I didn’t much feel like eating so I ate a lot less than I normally would have (although still healthier than previous months habits so that’s something) and I had a coffee every day which was something I was wanting to avoid.  But I had Man-flu and still went to work, so I figure it’s allowed.

Results this week:

Weight: 116.6 kgs down 2.1 kg

Bust: 116 cm down 3 cm.

Waist: 116.5 cm down 0.5 cm.

Hips: 135 cm down 2 cm.

Mood: Still bogged down with Man-flu, but not depressed so that’s a win.

I’m not sure if my results can actually count this week due to being unwell, but I figure that if I keep steady with eating and moving as I get better then I should be able to continue trending downwards, which is the main thing.  I’m really looking forward to being able to report some differences in my health, such as more energy, an improvement in my eczema and a more positive outlook but I’m sure that’s only a matter of time.
Yesterday was supposed to be a reassessment day for some of my goals as I wrote about in my post Let’s Get Healthy: Make A Plan, specifically yoga, workouts and caffeine, but I think it’s fair to say that this needs to be postponed.  After all I have Man-flu (just had to get that in there ONE more time haha).  Once I’m back up and running I’ll set a new date for reassessment, hopefully sooner rather than later.

How are you going with your healthy plans for the year?
What do you do when you have setbacks?
What good things happened for you last week?

Smiles and Sunshine

Getting Healthy Week Two

Two weeks down already and I’d like to say that my second week was even better than the first. But… It was and it wasn’t.

I didn’t stick to the meal plan at all last week, there were skipped breakfasts, a couple of cheat days, a few drinks yesterday after the City 2 Surf, a questionable amount of chocolate and I didn’t reach my step goal every day.

There was however no coffee at all, six healthy dinners some of which translated into healthy lunches (leftovers are amazing), so much exercise that I’m just about seizing up every time I sit at my desk for more than ten minutes and my average step count was 12,500 daily for the week.

I had an unplanned cheat day last Wednesday due to forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner, but instead of rushing out to get takeaways I  cooked something simple (sausages and veggies, so not the worst thing I could have made) but then after that I think I tricked myself into thinking that having a break every now and then would be okay.  Friday night saw me eat a block of chocolate (back to my old habits?)

We went to a wedding on Saturday and after getting myself all worked up that none of my clothes fit anymore and crying to Zombie that ‘if only I’d started even two weeks earlier some of these nice clothes would actually fit,’ I did my usual trick of hanging out by the food table and stuffing my face.  I justified it to myself based on the fact I’d done another Mega Air fitness class that morning.

If you read yesterdays post City 2 Surf 2017 you’ll already know we participated yesterday and since it was such a nice hot day we decided to pick up a few drinks on the way home and sit in the backyard and relax.  But I completely overshot my step goal by hitting a 30,000 step day due to an extra unplanned 5km walk when Bubble was struggling to get to sleep.

Overall, last week wasn’t a fail, it was just out of the ordinary and I what I’ve learned from it is to be a bit stricter on myself if I want to stay on track.  My weigh in this morning was up a kg, which is not surprising (plus it always seems to happen to me after the City 2 Surf), but my measurements are still tracking down and that’s a good direction for them to be going.
Finding a balance is going to be the toughest part for me this time around.  When I did my elimination diet I wasn’t allowed slip ups whereas this time around I can have some treats, I just need to not overdo it which if last week is anything to go by it’s going to take some willpower.  But I can do it.

Results this week:

Weight: 118.7 kgs up 1 kg.

Bust: 119 cm down 3 cm.

Waist: 117 cm down 1 cm.

Hips: 137 cm down 1 cm.

Mood: Tired and sore.  The amount of walking I did yesterday I am definitely not used to.

This week I’m going to focus on hitting my step goal each day as opposed to averaging it out over the week.  I’ve got a work do on Saturday so I’m not going to deny myself there, but I’m going to try not to overdo it at the same time.  And most of all I’m going to work on being positive and happy.
Smiles and Sunshine

City 2 Surf 2017

Today was the annual Star City 2 Surf in Christchurch. Every year my workplace enters a group, gives us all t-shirts and puts on a BBQ afterwards and today was no different. Every year more and more staff and their families participate and this year we hit 90 entrants!

I’d decided that I was going to walk the 6km event with Bubble, since he technically did it with me last year. I initially wanted to do the 14km but I was kidding myself at my current fitness level. At the last minute when we were about to leave (after Bubble’s unplanned bath due to an unexpected explosion) Zombie decided he was going to join us.

We made it to the start line just as the signal for the beginning of the race went off and quickly got ourselves sorted, took a quick photo and then we were on our way.

The first km is always quite slow, there’s a bridge that the 6km participates have to cross and it bottlenecks for a while, so I only started the timer once we were actually moving.

It was hot and the mixture of me walking faster to keep up with Zombie and wearing all black made me quickly work up a sweat, luckily some of the residents who’s houses we passed stood by and sprayed us with their garden hoses as we went.

I didn’t feel quite so hot when we were passed by these guys though

We made it to the finish line in an hour and five minutes and met up at the tent work put on for a feed. Bubble needed to refuel after having napped half the way too. It’s hard work being a baby!

I had a great time today. Having Zombie there encouraged me to push myself to go faster than I would have alone, plus it was awesome to do something that has become such a loved event for Christchurch as a family. We’ve already decided that next year we’ll both do the 14km, with Bubble in the pram of course and we’ve made plans to train for it together too.

Smiles and Sunshine


Getting Healthy Week One

I’m late with writing/posting this blog post as my workmate so helpfully pointed out to me this morning.  I had reasons/excuses, but he was right, I said I’d post every Monday and I failed on the first week. I think his exact words were “LMAO” (sometimes we speak in text).  But it’s alright, it’s Tuesday now so I’m only a little late.

It’s just going to be a brief post this week.  As usual time is getting away from me but I’m pleased to say that aside from being a day late with my writing, I’m on track with everything else.

I’ve made a meal plan twice now (still not getting any easier) and I’ve even had the chance to experiment with a new recipe, Pulled Pork Nachos below where I made my own chips! Well… I made them out of low carb wraps but still, a better option for me than the standard packaged type.

My energy levels are increasing each day which is most noticeable in the fact that I’ve only had two coffees in the past week, instead of five.  I also didn’t nap over the weekend and my sleep ins were only an hour instead of four.  I even got in a full on workout at Mega Air with some workmates.  It’s a great way to exercise.  Grueling, you work up a sweat within the first couple of minutes, but it makes you feel alive and like a kid again.  It was my second time going and this time I stopped for breaks less than the first time.  I hit my step goal every day except Sunday, didn’t stray from my menu and I’ve had some results as far as weight and measurements go.

Weight: 117.6 kgs down 1.6 kgs.

Bust: 122 cm down 5 cm which is most evident in my work shirt fitting better.

Waist: 118 cm down 5.5 cm.

Hips: 138 cm down 2.5 cm

Mood: Up and down.  I’ve had headaches and some icky sessions in the toilet (I know, TMI) but that’s all part of my body getting used to this new way of life and flushing out the toxins I’ve been abusing it with for the past few months.
Everything is tracking in the right direction which is definitely something to be happy about.  It’s also a great motivation to keep going, which is exactly what I plan to do.

Smiles and Sunshine

Getting Healthy Day One

My first official day is done and dusted and because I said I had to write a post every Monday, I’ve written a short one today. I’ve been putting off getting started for so long that I want to jump all in and just do it now.

Obviously being the first day there’s not a lot to report on, but the day has had it’s challenges, starting with waking up 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave in the morning.  So I skipped breakfast which is something I’m trying to avoid.  I was good though, I grazed on snacks until lunch time, but because I was actually organised for a change, they were all good snacks!  Banana, yogurt, carrots… so while it wasn’t a complete breakfast, it was enough to get me by without being tempted by the vending machine.

Tomorrow I will get up on time… well I’ll try to…

Does anyone else find meal planning hard?  I wanted to keep it simple but not boring and I ended up staring at a bunch of blank spaces where I was supposed to be putting in meals and snacks for way longer than necessary before deciding to stick with what I know for now.  My meal plan is repetitive, the same breakfast, snacks and my lunches will be the same most days, but it’s food that I like and is easy to prepare.  I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll get a bit more adventurous again.

Some stats that I’ll be posting weekly:

Weight: 119.3 kgs

Neck: 36.5 cm

Arm: L – 43 cm, R – 46 cm

Bust: 127 cm

Waist: 123.5 cm

Hips: 140.5 cm

Thigh: L – 78 cm R – 79 cm

Calf: L – 52 cm R – 53 cm

Mood: Excellent.  It’s been one of the best Mondays I’ve had in a while.

And my before photos have been taken too.

So, one day down, the rest of my life to go.
Smiles and Sunshine


Let’s Get Healthy Part Three: Make A Plan

It’s been far too long since I set some goals and decided to get back on the healthy living band wagon.  I expected to write this post between the middle and end of January, yet here we are almost in March and aside from setting some goals and cutting down on junk food I haven’t even started.  It’s disappointing to say the least.

Of course I’ve got plenty of excuses.  There’s been sickness, I’ve been busy at work, a flare up in my post partum depression and just sheer exhaustion, but as I mentioned in Let’s Get Healthy: Life Got In The Way, I just need to get on with it.  Things are always going to get in the way and make reaching goals harder.  This is really just a test of how badly you want to reach them.  So with that in mind, it’s time to make my plan and get going with it.

There’s a few things I like to remember when making a plan:

  • Set goals
  • Identify obstacles
  • Identify how to achieve goals despite obstacles
  • Make it achievable and measurable
  • Be specific
  • Make it flexible so that you can make changes if necessary as you progress

The biggest obstacle that I identified was time.  I ‘don’t have time’ to blog weekly, to prepare food in advance, to get a better sleep in order to feel more alive, to go for walks, the list goes on.  But the more I thought about it I realised that a lot of the reason is bad planning on my part and when I do get a chance to breathe, I’m so tired and just want to sit and do nothing.  Watch TV, play on my phone, these are the things I’ve taken to doing when I do get a free moment and I’ve realised that I do these things every day.  The tiredness is only going to go away through a better diet and increased physical activity, so I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and get on with it.  Make a time plan for each day if I have to, just find a way to fit in a bit of preparation so that over time it will get easier and it will seem like I magically have more time.

Here is my plan:

Long term goal

  • To be happy, healthy and back on the wellness bandwagon.

Short term goals (set to achieve the long term goal):

  • Get back into yoga

Put on the backburner until I get into a good routine with food.  Reassess Sunday March 26th.

  • Make flavoured drinks a treat only

Don’t buy any flavoured drinks with groceries.  If they’re not easily accessible I’m less likely to succumb.  Keep cold water in the fridge at all times.  Start date Immediately

  • Stop relying on caffeine

Put on the backburner until I get into a good routine with food.  Reassess Sunday March 26th.

  • Make time to blog about how I’m doing each week

Every Monday evening post an update including measurements.  Don’t force myself to write the entire post in one sitting, write five minutes here and there as the week goes if necessary.  Start date Monday 6 March

  • Plan and prepare lunches/snacks in advance

Write a meal plan each week and make the grocery list from this with no extras.  Once shopping is done, prep food while putting it way (cut fruit and bag into portions for smoothies, portion out snacks etc).  Start date Sunday 5 March

  • Drastically lower my sugar intake

When making the meal plan, choose as many foods as possible that don’t need to be processed/packaged.  Choose meals that can be made quickly but without processed foods.  Stick to what I know to start with, no experimenting until I get into a good routine.  Start date Sunday 5 March

  • Increase fruit and veggie intake

Plan for all meals to have at least one serve of fruit or vegetables.  Snacks can be as simple as an apple or carrot sticks.  Stick to fruit and vegetables I know I like to start with.  Start date Sunday 5 March

  • Make walks and physical activity a regular occurrence

I want to get back into my 10,000 steps a day on my FitBit, I’ve been slacking on there so for now I’ll do what it takes to hit goal each day, even if that means jogging on the spot for 20 minutes at 8.30 when I realise I’m not close.  Start date Immediately.  Put workouts on the back burner until I’m in a good routine with food.  Reassess Sunday March 26th.

I’ve got this post bookmarked on my phone so I can check on my plan at any time and make sure I’m sticking to it.  I’ve got the rest of this week to prepare myself as I’ll be starting Monday so I’m going to start by putting together some meal plans and making lists for each day so that I can keep myself on track.  I’m also going to do what I did with my elimination diet and use Instagram as a tool, posting pictures of my food, step counts, workouts, motivational quotes, whatever helps.  I’ve also found following people on a similar journey on Instagram to be a huge help also as it can be both inspiring and give me new ideas.  I may even start throwing them all up on Facebook as well unless people get sick of it.

I’m getting excited about this now, which is a good sign.  Are you making changes with your diet and exercise?  What are your goals?  How do you find the motivation to stick to them?

Smiles and Sunshine