100 Happy Days 93/100, Baker

I love baking goodies and I’m pretty good at it. When I have to bring a plate to an event I’ll usually bake something the night before, like my triple chocolate brownie that always gets a positive response. I bake for fundraisers when I can and I also really enjoy baking for fun. Zombie has often said we make a good couple because I’m good at baking and he’s good at eating baking.

Unfortunately I dont have a lot of time for baking anymore, in fact I can’t remember the last time I did. 

Except for tonight. It’s a cold winters night, Bubble went down early and I felt like something sweet so I whipped up a chocolate self saucing pudding and then got to do the best part. Eat it.

Hard to get a photo that does the deliciousness justice.

Come to think of it, it’s probably a good thing I don’t bake that often, less temptation!

Smiles and Sunshine



100 Happy Days 92/100, Favourite 

Bubble was born by caesarean section, so I only got a tiny glimpse of him in his first moments of life before he was whisked away to the side of the theatre where the neonatal team was waiting to check him over. I couldn’t see him or Zombie because of the big blue sheet that had been hung over me to block my view of the surgery. 

I could hear him though. He had a good set of lungs on him as soon as he was born and once his cries stopped once he was placed next to me I knew he had been quite unimpressed to have been dragged away from me.

I have hundreds of photos of Bubble but this one is my favourite. It was taken within minutes of his birth and before I’d gotten to meet him. I’m not sure what it is about this photo but it’s very special to me. Every time I see it I fall in love all over again.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 90/100, Finally

When you become a mother it’s only a matter of time before you get spewed on. Or peed on. Or worse… I’ve had it all, Bubble has spewed all over my chest a couple of times and once all over my nose (I could smell breastmilk and stomach acid for hours) and lots of little spills every now and then. It only took two weeks for me to get peed on and as far as number twos? Once after I’d just removed his wet nappy he decided it was time to go and for some reason my natural instinct was to catch it. 

With my bare hands.  

My grossness tolerance has increased exponentially in the last thirteen months. 

Zombie on the other hand has avoided everything except the odd spill. One time he even dodged out of the way as Bubble shot a stream of poo at Zombies legs. To this day he doesn’t care that it got on the floor and bed and instead brags about how his lightening fast goalie reflexes kicked in and that he is the only one in the family NOT to be peed or pooed on.

He brags about it a lot. He’s good like that.

But today something wonderful happened. Bubble’s nappy sprung a leak. 

The usual process in these events is to hold the baby at arms length. Well, maybe not that far but far enough so as not to get any pee on yourself. 

Zombie however decided it was a good time to give Bubble tummy kisses. 

So yes, Zombie dear, you have not been pooed on, peed on and you haven’t been spewed on as much as I have. You may have mad poo dodging skills and a tonne of good luck.

But I have not kissed urine. 

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 89/100, Scaredy Cat

I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a wimp.  Anxiety makes me scared of a lot of situations. I get nervous and antsy about confrontation, people yelling at each other near me, going first at something, making phone calls to strangers… Even little seemingly insignificant things can be terrifying when it’s one of your anxiety triggers.

Being at home alone overnight is a big one.  I’m sure a lot of people feel nervous, scared or uncomfortable in these situations so I don’t actually know if my fear is Anxiety related, but what I do know is it can be paralyzing, as soon as the light flicks off, even though I’m not actually afraid of the dark.

After getting up out of bed at least four times to make sure every window was shut, every door locked, all the inside doors closed so that I can hear if anyone opens them and then finally feeling comfortable enough to drift off to sleep, I’m usually jolted awake suddenly by a small noise or something minor that wouldn’t bug me if I was not home alone.

Then comes the racing heart and worrying that the intruder who I just know is in the house to murder me or something knows exactly where I am because they can hear my heart pounding. Or my breathing. So I shut my eyes tight, lie as rigid as possible and try to breathe quietly, all the while listening intently for any sign of this intruder who’s taking their sweet time to get to me, my mind jumping from one awful scenario to the next and wishing for time to speed up, morning to come and my sanity to return.

Sometimes I’d feel this terror even if I wasn’t alone in the house but if everyone who could save me was sound asleep. I needed every single cupboard in the house to be shut tight overnight regardless if someone is home or not. I also get the fear if I’m only going to be home alone for a little while, but in bed for a portion of the time. My imagination knows no bounds when it comes to home intrusions despite the fact I thankfully have never experienced one while I was at home.

Well this doesn’t sound like a very happy post. But I’m getting to that bit. Because I realised the other day that it has been a very long time since I’ve felt scared like this. Admittedly I don’t stay alone overnight very often anymore, especially since Bubble was born, but on the rare occasions that I do I feel totally comfortable. I don’t even know when the fear left me. 

Zombie pointed out to me the other day that I’ve been able to sleep with cupboard doors ajar for a while now, which is a good thing since a lot of the cupboards at our new house don’t close properly. He got me thinking about all the time I’d spent petrified in bed and realising that it’s been a long time since I felt that way. It’s a nice feeling.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 87/100, Dancing Queen

Bubble loves music, just like his Mama. He also loves dancing. If a song comes on that he knows or likes he will usually start having a boogie right away. Especially if it’s Iron Man by Black Sabbath. He could be off in his own world, playing with whatever toy is favourite of the minute but when the first few Tick, Tick, Tick beats of the song comes on he stops what he’s doing, throws his hand up in the air just like Daddy and starts rocking back and forth for the entire rest of the song.

Here’s a video of him rocking out at the ice skating rink waiting for Dad to get changed to one of my favourite bands, Abba. Boy has got some moves!

Once Zombie joined us I laughed at him about Abba to which he replied, “you can’t spell Black Sabbath without Abba.”

Smiles and Sunshine