100 Happy Days 74/100, Share The Love

It was kinda on a whim but I started a Facebook group last night called Christchurch Fruit And Veggie Growers – Food Share. We have some fruit trees at our house and also have done some planting for later in the year. I’m always hearing people who grow veggies say they have too much and I know first hand from our lemon tree and black boy peach trees that we have a massive excess from those, more than I was able to give away with the peaches!

The idea of the group is to offer to gift or trade your extra produce. Pretty simple, but it’s a way to reach people who you wouldn’t normally and know that none is going to waste and everyone’s saving a little money off their groceries. I’m sure it’s not the only page of it’s kind but I couldn’t find one for my city so I started my own.
I added a hundred friends who I thought might be interested and I know some have chosen to leave. But what I’m really excited about is that in less than 24 hours it has had a very positive reception with people posting for trades already, plus the group has nearly doubled in membership. I’ve already offloaded a few dozen lemons and gained some oranges, fresh rosemary and I’m going to put on my big girl pants and trade for some artichokes also.

I hope this group takes on a life of it’s own and thrives, if it’s first day is anything to go by, it should be pretty good.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 73/100, Sky 

The sky was weird today. Bright. Pleasant. Dry. 

I’ve seen it like this in the past. How long ago I couldn’t tell you. Days, weeks, months, they all blue when the sky is gray and leaking, the ground darkened and damp, dotted with puddles, muddy grass and icy patches. Rooves whitened with frost or dripping with rain and car windshields clouded with frozen condensation.

There was none of that today. Barely a fluffy white cloud brightened against the vivid blue of the sky, the air still crisp on my cheeks but without the sharpness. The grass still damp but the puddles now in various states of dried out. It was beautiful, inviting, filling me with a feeling of happiness, a respite from the cold.
Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 72/100, Facebook Memories

Facebook Memories are an interesting thing. Some days a click on ‘see more memories’ can bring nostalgia with photo memories of fun times with friends or a status that makes me laugh out loud or feel proud of that days accomplishments. Some days that click can bring an instant cringe and thoughts of ‘what was I thinking?

But this past week is the first time that Bubble has featured on them since now he is over a year old. Funny statuses that Zombie has tagged me in with comedic quips about parenthood and of course beautiful pictures like this one.

I never know what I’m going to get when I click that button, but on days like today where I get to relive the first few days of Bubbles life, without feeling overwhelmed by the beginning of my journey as a mother and feeling confused about life in general, are wonderful.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 71/100, Romance

I’m quite a romantic person. I love romance novels, movies, hearing about romantic gestures and of course receiving them. Flowers, chocolates, serenading… I’m a sucker for all of that mushy stuff and I melt just at the thought of it.

Zombie is not your typical romantic. He has sent me flowers, but it was after I told him multiple times that I’d love for that to happen. He does buy me Valentine’s presents, again I think this is more because it’s something I wanted at the start of our relationship. 

He goes out of his way to do special things for me and they are romantic in his own special flavour. Like the time he bought me this after I lost 26 kgs. Just because.

Zombies Dad was horrified thinking I would hate it. Zombie knew better.

Or my the latest Valentine’s Day gift he gave me.

We know it’s going to happen to both of us eventually.

Or this housewarming gift.

Our families version of ‘Bless This House’

Sometimes he can be genuinely lovely without the humour.

My first Mother’s Day gift.

A beautiful little book about a puppy who makes a card and picks a flower for his Mummy just because he loves her. Zombie hopes that Bubble will want to do nice things for me after we read this book to him over and over.

All in all I think I’m a pretty lucky girl.

100 Happy Days 70/100, Baby On The Mend

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the absolute worst thing about being a parent is when your child is ill. Unfortunately when you’re a working mother and your baby needs to be in daycare they tend to pick up every bug they come across. 

It’s been a rough winter for wee Bubble who’s had a few nasty colds, his current one so bad that he’s been off his food and miserable.

Tonight he ate a Vegemite sandwich and was a lot less miserable and more back to his happy bubbly self. Hopefully he is on the mend but for now I am happy to have a baby with an appetite!

Our only plastic plate. He doesn’t know it’s not Christmas haha.

Nearly all done!

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 69/100, Comfort 

Just in case anyone was wondering if I was sick again for the fifty billionth time this year… Yes I am, another bloody cold and feeling bleurgh.

Grateful for lemons on our tree, honey from New Zealand hives and water from the tap boiled in the jug.

As a side note, I’m not convinced that a little lemon juice diluted in hot water is actually that effective, but the comfort it brings whilst consuming is definitely worth it.

Smiles and Sunshine


100 Happy Days 68/100, Stress

Earlier in the evening I mentioned to Zombie that I still hadn’t written today’s post and that I had no idea what to write about. It was nine pm, which would usually mean time to panic and hastily write something barely passable, hit publish and head to bed. 

But I wasn’t worried, even though I didnt realise it. It took Zombie pointing out that I didn’t seem stressed about having nothing to write and wasn’t that a good thing, for me to notice the absence of anxiety around a late night u written post.

That’s not just a good thing, that’s a win. Katie one, Anxiety zero. I will sleep well tonight!

Smiles and Sunshine