100 Happy Days 97/100, Extra Special

Since Bubble joined our family we have been lucky enough to have been given some extra special hand me downs.

The set of drawers that my Grandfather on my mothers side who died before I was born made that now reside in Bubble’s room.

These finger puppets knitted by my paternal Grandmother for some of my cousins. My Aunt has been amazing with how much she has sent for Bubble and I was touched that she wanted him to have the finger puppets

Zombies Alf who was one of his favourites growing up.  Alf is well travelled and loved, Zombie gave him to his nephew Boyo in Australia who loved him for years before recently passing him on to Bubble.

The other day Mum found this trolley and block set that I learned to walk with.  I was particularly stoked as she thought the blocks were long gone!

Rupert who went everywhere with Zombie and some soft toys I loved as a child like Koala (I was inventive with names) who I think belonged to my Nana on Mums side. Both of these guys have seen better days so they live on top of the drawers.

This bear is the most special to me.  When my siblings and I were born our father bought us each our own teddy bear.  This one he purchased in in case there was a fifth baby, but he died before that could happen.

On the morning that Bubble was born Mum came round to drive us to the hospital and when I opened the door she handed me the bear, still in it’s bag, explained the story behind it and told me that she had decided to give it to the baby (Bubble) who was about to be born.

Of course I burst into tears.  I could blame the fact that I was over forty weeks pregnant and petrified that I was about to have a c-section, but the truth is this gesture would have brought me to tears on my most level headed day.

I feel so blessed that our wee family has so many items that have made their way through our two families over the generations to Bubble.  I’m also looking forward to being able to pass these on to future babies born into the family.

Smiles and Sunshine


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