100 Happy Days 82/100, High Score Wars

I loved video games growing up, but I didn’t get to play with them as much as I wanted to which was probably a good thing given how hard I found it to stop playing once I started. Something I never got to play however was arcade machines. They were at fish and chip shops and there was a place called Wizards full of them, but I never went there and never had coins to play anyway.

Zombie loves video games. He has multiple platforms with which to play them on. Including several arcade machines that he can play thousands Of different games on. He builds them which is pretty Cool. Games are an important part of his life and my interest has increased a lot since having access to them so readily, our sons name is even inspired by a video game characters name.

One of my favourite things about playing the arcade machines is the high score wars we have against each other. Sometimes I even win!

The scores before they accidentally got wiped from Donkey Kong

Smiles and Sunshine



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