100 Happy Days 74/100, Share The Love

It was kinda on a whim but I started a Facebook group last night called Christchurch Fruit And Veggie Growers – Food Share. We have some fruit trees at our house and also have done some planting for later in the year. I’m always hearing people who grow veggies say they have too much and I know first hand from our lemon tree and black boy peach trees that we have a massive excess from those, more than I was able to give away with the peaches!

The idea of the group is to offer to gift or trade your extra produce. Pretty simple, but it’s a way to reach people who you wouldn’t normally and know that none is going to waste and everyone’s saving a little money off their groceries. I’m sure it’s not the only page of it’s kind but I couldn’t find one for my city so I started my own.
I added a hundred friends who I thought might be interested and I know some have chosen to leave. But what I’m really excited about is that in less than 24 hours it has had a very positive reception with people posting for trades already, plus the group has nearly doubled in membership. I’ve already offloaded a few dozen lemons and gained some oranges, fresh rosemary and I’m going to put on my big girl pants and trade for some artichokes also.

I hope this group takes on a life of it’s own and thrives, if it’s first day is anything to go by, it should be pretty good.

Smiles and Sunshine



2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days 74/100, Share The Love

  1. well done very proactive and its a great idea. Here there is a crop swap group that meets once a month but as I don’t grow enough of anything to swap I have only been once. Your Facebook idea is good as it can happen as required


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