100 Happy Days 73/100, Sky 

The sky was weird today. Bright. Pleasant. Dry. 

I’ve seen it like this in the past. How long ago I couldn’t tell you. Days, weeks, months, they all blue when the sky is gray and leaking, the ground darkened and damp, dotted with puddles, muddy grass and icy patches. Rooves whitened with frost or dripping with rain and car windshields clouded with frozen condensation.

There was none of that today. Barely a fluffy white cloud brightened against the vivid blue of the sky, the air still crisp on my cheeks but without the sharpness. The grass still damp but the puddles now in various states of dried out. It was beautiful, inviting, filling me with a feeling of happiness, a respite from the cold.
Smiles and Sunshine



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