100 Happy Days 71/100, Romance

I’m quite a romantic person. I love romance novels, movies, hearing about romantic gestures and of course receiving them. Flowers, chocolates, serenading… I’m a sucker for all of that mushy stuff and I melt just at the thought of it.

Zombie is not your typical romantic. He has sent me flowers, but it was after I told him multiple times that I’d love for that to happen. He does buy me Valentine’s presents, again I think this is more because it’s something I wanted at the start of our relationship. 

He goes out of his way to do special things for me and they are romantic in his own special flavour. Like the time he bought me this after I lost 26 kgs. Just because.

Zombies Dad was horrified thinking I would hate it. Zombie knew better.

Or my the latest Valentine’s Day gift he gave me.

We know it’s going to happen to both of us eventually.

Or this housewarming gift.

Our families version of ‘Bless This House’

Sometimes he can be genuinely lovely without the humour.

My first Mother’s Day gift.

A beautiful little book about a puppy who makes a card and picks a flower for his Mummy just because he loves her. Zombie hopes that Bubble will want to do nice things for me after we read this book to him over and over.

All in all I think I’m a pretty lucky girl.


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