100 Happy Days 64/100, Happy Birthday

Today was a big celebration for my wee family, Bubbles first birthday! So we had a day of firsts.

First trip to the trampoline park

Although I preferred the toys next to the trampolines over being on them

Not the first time having chips but the first time with gravy!

First piano and first Batman wrapping paper! I opened my presents at Nana’s house cos I had to see her on my birthday!

I think it’s for sitting on


First time on the lazy river. 

Today was a big day for Zombie and I. We have officially survived our first year of parenting. Of course it hasn’t been easy. Parenting for the first time is hard enough but you throw post partum depression and becoming a working mother when my baby was four months old, it’s tough. But we did it and I have to say that the rewards of being a mother far outweigh the tough moments. And credit where credit is due, Bubble is a very cruisy baby who is independent (as independent as babies can be) and spends most of his time happy. 

I love being his Mama and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. 

Smiles and Sunshine



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