100 Happy Days 60/100, Milestones

One of the most humbling things about being a parent is watching my baby learn how to become a human. Nearly a year ago when my son was born he was a blank slate. Now he is nearly walking and able to communicate with us on a basic level. I’ve watched him develop a personality, learn to feed himself, the shocked look on his face when the square block fit in the square hole, the excitement when a song he likes comes on and his determination to get from one side of the room to the other on his hands and knees. 

From babbling Mamamama and Dadadada randomly to working out that those are our names. Discovering his hands and fingers are attached to him to using them to grab ALL the things, from hating being on his stomach to scooting around the house on it to walking around the house by holding on to the walls. 

Someone just worked out how to climb into their billy cart.

He knows things now. Smelephant smells nice, Alf is snuggly and the wooden maraca is more fun than the plastic one. He knows that peanut butter sandwiches are yum but eggs and fish are yuck. He likes to sing in the car on the way to daycare and he gets excited when we walk through the gate. He loves to dance to music and even has a favourite song (Iron Man). He knows he’s not alowed in the cupboards but if Mum turns her back he makes a beeline for them and when he cuddles one of his toys he makes an ‘awwww’ noise just like Mum does when she cuddles him.

All these actions, milestones and discoveries I have witnessed as Bubble has discovered them and I feel honoured to have been able to. The coolest part is that there are developments every single day, big or small, there is always something. It’s such a cool feeling knowing that I’ve helped him reach each point too. 

Smiles and Sunshine



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