100 Happy Days 46/100, Preparation

I’m quite a disorganized person at the moment. I’ve never had particularly good personal organisationl skills but since I was pregnant with Bubble everything went out the window. At the time I needed to perfect it the most.

I’m always late. I’m late because I’m never ready to go in the morning. I rush round the house throwing everything haphazardly into different bags and lining them up by the door all the while feeding, changing and dressing Bubble while keeping him occupied at the same time. 

I’m always rushing because I struggle to get out of bed, no matter how well I’ve slept. But that’s another story.

After Thursday mornings events it’s occurred to me that should the worst happen, it would be a while before anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary. I need to be on time consistently. I have to at least try. 

So I’m ready for tomorrow. The bags are packed and sitting by the door ready to go. I just have to grab the food out of the fridge and they can go in the car. All I have to do is get the two of us up, fed and dressed and we’ll be on the road. 

I’m hoping to make this a habit over the next week or so, but for now I’m happy going to bed knowing that tomorrow is already off to a better start than normal. Plus the dishes are done!

Smiles and Sunshine



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