100 Happy Days 44/100, Dressups

Considering how much I love dress up parties I’m usually completely unprepared for them by the time they roll around but I find that’s part the fun. The rest it the dressing up process seeing how everyone else is dressed and having a hilarious night. 

Here’s some of my favourite dress up photos.

Of course my Spyro onesie was going to make an appearance.

Zombie and I went to a Halloween party, him as Crazy Dave and me as Road Cone Zombie, both from the Plants Vs Zombies game.

Facepainting is just fun. I love choosing the picture, the feeling of the brush strokes and just the novelty of a painted face.

Drunk fairies! I think I ended up in a supermarket trolley that night.

Maid Marion. The theme was Hero’s and Villains so I decided to go as both.

More facepainting

Zombies is definitely the most fun.
Smiles and Sunshine



6 thoughts on “100 Happy Days 44/100, Dressups

    1. Thanks, we haven’t played for a while but we both love that game. Zombie still plays the online multiplayer version too!

      I sent you a message with the photo ☺

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