100 Happy Days 43/100, Sirens

Living in a big city it’s not unusual for me to hear sirens at any time, so much so that I tend to block them out if I’m not on the road. But I’ve never heard them coming for me before, until this morning.

I have asthma. It’s reasonably under control, but when I have a cold it gets worse and since I’ve had more days with a cold than without this year, I’ve managed to go through a lol more inhalers than normal.

Today was the third asthma attack I’ve had in my life, and it was scary. It was first thing in the morning after a long night spent regularly waking in need of my inhaler. Getting out of bed was what clinched it though. The energy required was enough to make it difficult to get enough air into my lungs. 

Of course I panicked. Zombie was at work and Bubble was in his cot crying, having just woken up to find his Mum unable to pick him up. Problem is panicking is the worst thing a person having an asthma attack can do. It’s a natural reaction, but results even more difficulty breathing. My inhaler wasn’t helping me either. 

So I called Mum. In my head I wanted her to come and look after Bubble so that I could drive myself to the hospital.  When I’m in a difficult situation I have a tendency to try and be more independent. Luckily Mum made me hang up and call an ambulance and that she would be over soon to look after Bubble.  

The ambos arrived before Mum and one of them comforted Bubble while the other two tended to me. They were amazing. They were down to earth and used light humour to calm me down. A nebulizer, steroids and obs, and two hour trip to after hours later an I was home again, able to breathe better than I have in weeks but shaky and exhausted. I’ve spent the day napping and resting on the couch and I’m about to go to bed now for an early night. 

The St John paramedics are worth their weight in gold

While my attack was no where near the life threatening stage, today I am happy to be alive. Being unable to breathe properly is one of the scariest things in the world and while my asthma has it’s ups and downs I’m grateful to not have attacks very often.

Smiles and Sunshine



5 thoughts on “100 Happy Days 43/100, Sirens

  1. Oh, Katie. It seems to me that you have more on your plate than a person can handle; het, handle it you do. I so admire you and your ability to handle all the bumps in the road you face. You have courage, my dear.

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    1. It does all get on top of me at times. I’ve had an easy weekend and had Zombie look after me, I needed a break!


    1. Oh that must be terrifying for you, I hope my wee man doesn’t develop asthma. He may as Zombie had it as a child. Pleased to hear AJ has only had the one attack! He must do a great job of looking after his asthma ☺

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