100 Happy Days 42/100. Silence

I cooked dinner in silence tonight.  All the internal doors in the house were closed to keep heating costs down.  I’m used to being able to hear Zombie and Bubble and sometimes the TV from the other end of the house, but being shut away by myself was odd.  Nice, but odd.  I noticed the silence as soon as I closed the door.  It was loud.  Even the stillness of the room seemed to echo silently.

At first I didn’t like it.  I’m surrounded by noise from the moment I wake up, the alarm, the shower, Bubble’s chatter, the car radio, the list goes on until I fall asleep each day with the TV sleep timer on for background noise.  It’s rare for me to sit in silence and it felt intrusive.  But it wasn’t long before I enjoyed this wee moment to myself.  I enjoyed the thunking of the knife as it hit the chopping board through the onions, potatoes bubbling away on the stove… noises that usually interrupted whatever i was listening to normally while cooking.

Before long more cooking sounds broke the silence and the eerie yet soothing silence became noise once again, but I’d relaxed so much during the silence that I was able to continue to be present in the moment.  Cooking dinner, by myself.  Something I’ve always enjoyed but taken for granted.

Smiles and Sunshine


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