100 Happy Days 39/100, Control

This might sound weird but the hardest part about getting healthy for me when I’m in the midst of depression is doing the dishes in order to be able to actually cook or meal prep. Even on the rare occasion when there are only a handful of dishes to be washed the thought of it can be enough to tire me out for the rest of the day.

The tidiest the kitchen has been in a while
Neither myself nor Zombie are good at dishes and I often just wash what we need and throw something easy together. And aren’t dishes just never ending? It’s usually only a matter of minutes before the left hand side starts piling up once all the clean dishes have eventually been put away.

Chickpea and veggie fritters, an experiment I hope tastes good considering how much I made

This weekend (well late this afternoon) I found the motivation to not only get the kitchen sorted, but cooked dinner and did all my meal prep AND still managed to clean the kitchen afterwards too. I’m all sorted for a week of healthy breakfasts and lunches, plus tomorrow when I get home from work there will be no excuse for us not to cook a decent dinner because the kitchen doesn’t look like a bomb hit it. It’s actually been one of the most productive weekends I’ve had in a while and I’m feeling pretty positive about the week ahead which is almost unheard of on a Sunday night.

Dishes done and dusted twice in one day? Madness!
Depression and Anxiety are evil bastards who get in deep with the people they infect, basically taking the control out of the persons hands and make even the simplest of tasks seem like the most daunting prospect ever. I’m happy to say that this weekend I managed to take back some of that control and I’m pretty keen for it to continue.

Smiles and Sunshine



4 thoughts on “100 Happy Days 39/100, Control

  1. Fritters look great!
    You can also get chickpea flour, which works great as a binder for many concoctions of fritters.
    You have a TINY amount of bench space there, could a secondary table or something be used to stack used dishes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, I’ve used garbanzo flour in the past, it’s very good! We did try spreading the table out like you suggested but it just became a space for more crap to sit on and it made our kitchen even less user friendly than it already is. I’m going to try to keep it tidy, I’ve done 3 days tidy already, pretty sure that’s a record!


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