100 Happy Days 36/100, Technology

I haven’t done a lot of traveling in my lifetime. I’ve seen most of New Zealand, thanks to a few family road trips when I was a child but I’ve only been overseas once. When I moved out of home and my mental health deteriorated traveling never became a priority. I still want to travel but obviously being a new mum this is not an option right now. 

My siblings however like to jetset around the world, traveling and working, almost every year. It’s exciting for them but it also kinda sucks that they aren’t at family get togethers as much anymore although that’s payback for when I used to bail on family things when I was younger.

What is really cool about them often being away is that we have such awesome technology that we’re able to keep in touch any time in real time. I think that’s pretty awesome. I have’t always taken advantage of being able to keep in touch so easily, but I’m making up for it now. 

Uncle Bo and Bubble

As I get older I appreciate my family and friends more and I try to make a lot more effort with them. My brother is currently on his way to America to be a camp counsellor for about the fifth time after being in England for the past few months and I think we’ve actually talked more since he’s been away than we did when he was home. But that’s okay, it makes me happy that we can keep in touch more now and I intend to keep it going. 
Smiles and Sunshine



6 thoughts on “100 Happy Days 36/100, Technology

    1. There is definitely some amazing technology out there. Zombie used to work for a comany that made Braille machines, do you use one?

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      1. I don’t really use a Braille machine any more but I do you own one, years ago when I was a child are used to use it a lot, nowadays I only use it if I need to braille out a recipe or something that I need to read like for example a couple of weeks ago I wrote a poem and read it out and had to bring it out so that I could read it otherwise I don’t use it though

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      2. If you don’t mind me asking, do you use voice features on them or something else.

        Our technology we use all the time is our smart phones and Zombies arcade machines lol


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