100 Happy Days 34/100, Change Of Plans

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Something crops up, gets in the way, money, illness, time… I often Plan things only for them to fall through at the last minute, or weeks ahead of time.

It can be disappointing, but it can also have positive outcomes. I had two events fall through this weekend. One, an overnight getaway that I had even booked an extra day of annual leave for, today (for recovery, this old lady can’t keep up like she used to!)

So instead of spending the day in bed feeling sorry for myself, today was instead the first day I had off work in ages where I wasn’t sick or looking after a sick child.

So I did what any sane mother who unexpectedly had a decent day off on a gloomy winters day would do. I donned my Spyro onesie and ignoring the vacuuming or other chores I could have done I instead parked up on the couch and watched made for TV movies.

I mean, what would you have done?

Smiles and Sunshine



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