100 Happy Days 26/100, Disappointment

One of my favourite things, that happens very rarely for me, is to have the house to myself. I love Zombie and Bubble, but they can be noisy and require a lot of upkeep on my part. As a result, sometimes I like silence and watching mindless TV or listenin to music other than metal it even just sitting in silence reading. 

Tonight was supposed to be a night for me to have the house to myself for a few hours. Bubble would be home and in bed which ninety-nine percent of nights means he will sleep until morning and I was looking forward to doing something by myself. I hadn’t even decided what, all I knew was I was going to enjoy it. 

Of course tonight was the one percent and Bubble decided that he would rather cry if he was in bed or play if Mum tried cuddling him to sleep. As a compromise we ended up playing for a bit before having cuddles to sleep.

I was a little disappointed at missing out on a rare night to myself, but I am just as happy to have had some extra quality time alone with my son as well as I know that these moments do not last forever. 

I also love watching him sleep

I feel that my post partum depression and Anxiety robbed me of a lot of the enjoyment when my wee man was a newborn. I was so worried about doing something terribly wrong as a new mum half the time to the other half I was too depressed to enjoy anything, but I think this is part of the reason I make sure to treasure as many precious moments as I can with Bubble. I think being a working mum contributes to that appreciation too.

Plus once he finally did nod off to sleep I still had about an hour to myself and I ended up sitting in silence and writing this post which I’ve found very relaxing.

Do you enjoy your alone time?

Do you have any special family moments that you particularly treasure?

And if you’re playing 100 Happy Days along with me, what are you happy about today?

Smiles and Sunshine



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