100 Happy Days 20/100, Colour Me Calm

I’m a bit behind on this one but today I finally discovered the awesomeness that is Adult Colouring.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. When I first started showing signs of Post Partum Depression, Zombie decided that a colouring book was in order. So off we went to The Warehouse, returning with a colouring book and three packets of coloured pencils an an excitement within me that was quickly squashed by the fact that I was a busy new mother who’s favourite thing to do in her spare time was sleep.

After a few months of good intentions and occasional flicks through to choose a picture to colour, the book got pushed aside, out of sight, out of mind, never to be seen again. 

Until yesterday, when after a tidy up I saw it again and thought to myself, it’s time. So today, once a still sick and miserable Bubble had been cuddled to sleep, I got the book and pencils out and coloured in some simple flowers. 

It was relaxing and for a few glorious minutes my anxious mind, particularly agitated at the moment with worries about sick babies, was quiet. I don’t know if it was the focus needed or just the fact that I was taking a break for myself, but it really was like a calm washed over me and I still feel it now as I type this out. 

It’s only my first picture since school, but I’m feeling like I might be addicted already so I’m off to colour in another picture before an early night. 

Smiles and Sunshine



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