100 Happy Days 19/100, Poor Baby

When my wee man is unwell, all bets go out the window.  Night time sleep becomes a distant memory.  His smile becomes difficult to find, replaced by weeping and all out bawling.  He wants to be cuddled, but he still wants to play and gets frustrated and confused when he can’t do both.  He thrashes his little body around and moans because he doesn’t understand what is going on.  He is almost impossible to settle, singing no longer works, rocking doesn’t help, the pram and the car may or may not work and if they do it’s only temporary.

As a parent this is hands down the worst and hardest part.  You want to make your baby understand that they will be okay, that they just need to rest and that everything you do, wiping their tiny sore nose, rubbing their back and tummy, cuddling them tightly and trying to soothe them, trying to get them to eat and changing their clothes almost as fast as they can explode in them, all of it, is to help them and try to make them feel better.

Finally does settle and sleep, his cheeks flushed, mouth open with raspy breaths coming out slowly, his body relaxed but fists still clenched.  The occasional whimper escapes as he rests his little head on my shoulder and I think to myself how grateful I am that he is usually a happy and healthy baby and that it won’t be long before he is happy and healthy and zooming round the house exploring his world again.


3 thoughts on “100 Happy Days 19/100, Poor Baby

  1. This was so descriptive, what a great use of words!

    I really enjoyed reading this post. You painted a picture in my head that took me straight back to when we raised our boys. Your post made me feel and appreciate those moments again – thanks!

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