100 Happy Days 17/100 Gratitude

For the past few weekends Zombie and I have been sorting through all our excess stuff. Decluttering, sorting and being ruthless with what we get rid of. We’ve found boxes that haven’t been touched since before we moved in together, over four years ago. Not surprisingly I didn’t need to keep anything out of those boxes.

The thing I’ve been most blown away by is just how much stuff Bubble has accumulated in his short lifetime (and leading up to) particularly the fact that we could probably count the number of toys and clothes we’ve actually purchased on our hands. We have been blessed to be given no end of presents for the wee man, by family, friends of family, our friends and even our workplaces.

We didn’t ask for much of it (a few things we got in touch with Pregnancy Help for) and the sheer generosity of people has left me speechless more than once. Toys, clothes, handmade items, shoes, high chairs, prams, car seats, food, anything that Bubble may need or like.

Don’t worry, I’m not bragging. It was difficult for me to accept at first. We had chosen to bring this baby into the world and I felt that it was our responsibility to provide for them. I turned a lot of people who tried to offer us items for baby at first. But most of them didn’t listen to me and sent items or brought them round anyway.

A selection of some of the stuffed toys made for and given to Bubble.

I quickly learned that people were offering these things because they care about Bubble and myself and also for the hand me downs because they had no use for them themselves anymore and wanted them to go to a good home. It made me realize that one day I too will be in a position to give a special wee boy or girl some clothes or toys in the future, which I am looking forward to.

Smiles and Sunshine



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