100 Happy Days 16/100 Special Moments

Being a working Mum there are a lot of things I miss out on when it comes to my son. He has an entire life that is separate from me at his daycare. He has friends. Friends who’s parents have nodded hello to me on the rare occasions that they’ve seen me. Friends who know me as ‘Bubbles Mum,’ who enjoy playing with him even though they are a few years older and he is just a baby. 

He goes to kids music sessions without me and sometimes a farm park. He’s made friends with his caregiver’s puppy who is ten days older than him and they are practically inseparable. He watches the other children and mimics what they do. As a result I miss out on a lot of firsts. 

It’s hard for me to be away from my son for over forty hours a week. He has his dad at home a lot but that just makes me miss being at home even more. Occasionally Zombie sends me photos and sometimes that makes it hard too.

It’s not all bad. I get adult conversation and a chance to have a break from nappies each day. Plus it makes me appreciate my time at home even more. 

It’s the little things I appreciate the most. Bubble, super excited to see me home zooming his way over to me. The sleepy cuddles just before bedtime. The way he’s already chanting ‘mamamama’ more than any other sound he makes.

Something I want to do more of is story time. Bubble has trouble staying still which makes it difficult but sometimes, like tonight he makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, giggling at my animal noises and the different voices I put on and showing more of an interest in the pictures. 

Story time makes me happy and Bubble seems to like it even when he’s being wriggly. It’s a wonderful perk of being a parent.

Smiles and Sunshine



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