100 Happy Days 15/100, Role Reversal

I wanted to post this a few hours ago but somehow I managed to fall asleep with my son at eight o’clock and now I’m rushing to get it typed out before I go back to bed.  It was a lovely cuddly nap though and who doesn’t enjoy a good nap?

Today I am happy enough to have been able to look after my mother on an important day for her.  Obviously over the years my mother has done so much for me, including driving us to the hospital for the birth of our son and sitting nervously in the waiting room being in the dark while the rest of us knew exactly what was going on.

She kept me fed, clothed and warm throughout my childhood.  She looked after me when I was sick or injured and drove me and my siblings around the city to our various after school activities.  She did twice the job having to fill in for our father after he died as well and guided the four of us into lives as contributing members of society.  There were smiles, tears, laughter, frustration and every emotion in between, but she’s never not been there for us no matter what happens.


Today I was able to look after Momma when she had a routine procedure and needed someone to drive her and keep an eye on her for a while afterwards.  After everything my mother has done for me it was nothing for me to take a day off to help her out when she needed it.  It felt good to be the one squeezing her hand for a change and telling her that everything would be okay and tending to her needs afterwards.  And of course she is now absolutely fine and probably won’t let me look after her again for a long time.

Smiles and Sunshine


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