100 Happy Days 13/100, Making Progress

Yesterday I mentioned that I felt like this challenge was starting to have a positive effect on me due to my feeling happy just for the sake of it. Today I realized that I’ve unconsciously been making healthier choices the past few days, without really trying and despite being filled with a constant chocolate craving after dinner every night.

I did eat chocolate on Mothers Day, but other than that I’ve resisted the temptation since I was sick last week. Even a few times when Zombie has suggested we buy some. I’ve been putting more effort in with what I am eating on the daily as well. 

I’m wondering if I had some type of mental block behind my inability to focus on my goals and giving in too easily to my cravings. If my increase in happiness and energy is anything to go by I’m hoping that this will be the start of something good in that regard.

Smiles and Sunshine



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