100 Happy Days 11/100 The Mother’s Day Edition

Today marks my first Mother’s Day. Growing up, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day weren’t occasions we celebrated by spending a bunch of money, instead we used to make breakfast in bed for our mother and let her have a lie in.

Zombie and I hadn’t really talked much about Mother’s and Father’s Days. He got a mention and a box of beer last year for his first Father’s Day but I wasn’t expecting anything for myself this year. Zombie had other ideas though and on his Bloke Folk Day last Friday (Zombie doesn’t work Fridays so him and Bubble have a boys day together) they spent  some time picking out a gift for me which I thought was incredibly thoughtful.

Bubble decided to wake up at 4am this morning. Zombie decided it was because he was excited about Mother’s Day so once we had settled him down and the three of us were snuggled in bed together he decided it was time for me to open my present. A beautiful children’s book featuring a puppy who made a special card for his mother, an oil burner since as Zombie stated, I live with two stinky boys and of course a couple of blocks of chocolate. I felt very spoilt.

But of course it wasn’t just about me. My mother (Momma, as I decided to start calling her in high school) has recently been on a cruise and she’s been back for over a week but we’ve just been too busy to see each other. But we had to find time on Mother’s Day.

For the most part of my life I’ve appreciated Momma and all that she’s done for my siblings and I, but Since having my own son that appreciation has grown infinitely. Motherhood is a 24/7 job. Even when we’re asleep our dreams are often filled with motherly worries or joys. Even when we’re away from our children they’re on our minds. My son is only ten months old and I have an excellent support system between Zombie, Momma and some extended family and friends, but already I have no idea how Momma coped with four of us by herself after my father died. Especially during our teenage years.

Speaking of my father, today would be his 75th birthday. I’m sorry to say I’d forgotten the date this year until Momma reminded me. Luckily I don’t usually forget and I do think about him most days as you can find out here.

To all the mothers and mothers to be out there, happy Mother’s Day. I hope you all had a special day unique to your family.

Smiles and Sunshine



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