100 Happy Days 10/100 Weekend Happiness

Something that has been difficult but also beneficial for me is being a working mum. I have a good job that I enjoy, but I don’t like how much I am away from Bubble and how much of his day I miss out on and at times this thought brings a tear to my eye. On the other hand having the routine of going to work every day has helped me with my post partum depression because it gets me out of bed.

Weekends are hard for me. I love being able to spend more time with my boys, but I really struggle to get out of bed, no matter how much I’ve slept. Obviously I get up to look after Bubble if needed although Zombie has been pretty good about looking after him, but I’ll often get back into bed after. Other times I’ll nap later in the day which can sometimes last a few hours. 

I’m just so tired. Not, I didn’t sleep well last night tired, just physically and mentally drained. It’s a side effect of the way I’ve been treating my body lately with the poor diet (which is improving) and also it is very common in people suffering from depression to sleep excessively. That being said I often find myself the most alert just before bedtime which is also counterproductive.

There are plenty of things I like about the weekends though. I always achieve something housework wise which is an area of mine that needs assistance. Plus we try to make sure we get some decent family time together every weekend and don’t just sleep it away or rush round doing too many chores. 

Today we found a bubble machine for a steal. We’ve been meaning to get one for a while, we thought it would be something Bubble would enjoy and weren’t wrong about that. The bubble machine pumps out hundreds of bubbles in quick succession and the wee mans face was captivated by them and of course trying to eat them.

I think the mixture may have been too thick because it didn’t take long for the machine to get quite soapy looking and we started getting massive mutant bubbles, some bigger than Bubble!

We spent $10 today on something that is going to bring us a lot of laughs and our wee family grows. It’s moments like these that I’m grateful for not sleeping the day away and happy that it’s given me a reason to fight this post partum depression and get my life back. 

Smiles and Sunshine



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