100 Happy Days 7/100

Today was an exciting but unexpected parenting day where my wee man out of the blue decided to start walking on his knees. 

It definitely brought with it a mix of emotions, surprise, nerves, anxiety because he’s only ten months old and I’m not ready for my baby to grow up so fast but most of all I was happy and proud. Bubble seemed pretty pleased with himself also.

We’d been saying for a while that we had a feeling Bubble would skip crawling. He’s been commando crawling at great speeds for months now but seemed to have abandoned proper crawling in favour of pulling himself up on things. But today after he was done with pushing his toy box along he decided that it was time to crawl properly for the first time too. 

After Bubble’s big day I was lucky enough to be worthy of cuddles, normally he is far too busy for sitting still with Mum or Dad but I think he tuckered himself out with all his achievements for the day. This was my happiest part of the day and one of my favourite parts of being a parent.

Smiles and Sunshine



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