100 Happy Days 4/100

This guy is my favourite. He’s the best Dad to our son and a supportive partner to me. He makes me laugh ALL the time with his ridiculously funny sense of humour. He annoys me to no end with his bad habits and stubbornness that doesn’t compliment mine. Sometimes he double whammys it with his unrelenting habit of pushing me to the brink of annoyed then bringing me back with a ridiculous joke. 

He says he can’t cook yet brings out the most amazing curries whenever he does cook. He hates doing housework but then turns around and makes the place sparkle. 

He puts up with my mood swings, even though I know they get on his nerves. He takes over on the days I can’t cope and let’s me do my own thing. He supports all my endeavours, even the ones he knows I’m probably kidding myself.

He doesn’t mind being silly with me, including in public and he’s the first to defend me when something goes wrong. And best of all he helped me bring the most wonderful baby boy into the world, a boy he adores and nurtures every single day. We’re in this together.

He’s my Zombie, my best friend, he makes me happy.


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