What Happened To Determination?

It’s been a big day for my wee man today.  His third tooth came through this morning after what seems like months of threatening to, he ‘escaped’ at daycare today, got out the door and almost down to the yard where the other kids were (my little adventurer) and tonight he has wanted to do nothing more than pull himself into a standing position and stay there.

It’s an exciting but nerve-wracking time for me as a mother now.  It is so special and amazing to watch my baby learn how to be a human.  The rate he progresses is phenomenal, it seems that no matter the skill, be it learning to clap or learning to stand, that from the moment he attempts it for the first time to being able to completely achieve it is a very short space of time. But it’s also terrifying.  My baby is growing up far too quickly and is a lot more at risk of hurting himself.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon sitting on the floor as close to him as possible without getting in his way so that I can catch him before he donks his head.  I know that falling and hurting ourselves is part of growing and learning but I’m just keen to minimise the head trauma.

Bubbles determination is unwavering.  He is not interested in anything getting in his way of achieving what he wants.  He’s been pulled away from a lot of places that aren’t suitable for climbing yet he continues to head back to them.  He’s not interested in climbing the couch, he wants to get to the turtle tank and onto the game machines.  He’s fallen a few times and landed on his bum which resulted in tears and me telling him that he was alright and “falling is a part of learning to stand up, you didn’t hurt yourself but you weren’t expecting it but it’s no reason to be upset.”  I know he doesn’t understand a word I’m saying but it calms him hearing me talk to him so normally and I think not getting upset or scooping him up helps him realise it’s no big deal too.  Well I hope so anyway.

I admire his determination.  Then I think about my own and wonder what happened.  What is it about growing up that makes us lose that drive we had as babies and children to make sure we achieved what we set out to do.  At the moment, Bubble wants nothing more than to stand up and not be stuck on the floor.  A few weeks ago all he wanted to do was blow raspberries which was a hilarious mixture of fart noises, giggles and spit and soon all he will want to do is walk.  All I want to do is get 100% on track with my healthy eating and exercise and yet it’s taken me months to even get started and that’s nothing new for me.  There are so many things I want to achieve, writing a novel, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, buying a house and yet I put little effort into making these things happen.

Sure, my circumstances are different than Bubbles.  He has all the time in the world to reach his dreams.  I have to earn a living  and watch most of it walk out the door as soon as it comes in.  I have to help take care of my family, make sure everyone eats, help with the house and garden, try and maintain friendships (I need work in this department) and so much more.  I’m exhausted.  I’m constantly on the go, out and about, busy… I don’t have a lot of time spare.

It always comes down to time doesn’t it?

I get the impression that Bubble wouldn’t let time get in the way of reaching his goals.  He is so determined and unwilling to be distracted.  Even a nap doesn’t get in the way with him trying to stand up in his cot as soon as he wakes up.  He will stand up, and he will be so proud of himself and then he will realise that there is something else he wants to do and he will move onto that.  Anything that gets in his way will get pushed aside as soon as possible.

I need to take a leaf out of his book.

Smiles and Sunshine


3 thoughts on “What Happened To Determination?

  1. If babies have good parents like Bubbles does, they are happy secure, and cared for with all their needs met without any effort on from them except being cute, which is a given; so they have the perfect environment for learning and achieving. Which, of course, you do not. Much effort is required of you, and I think you are doing an admirable job of meeting all the demands on your time and still doing your best to take care of yourself. I admire and think you’re a very good mother.

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