Getting Healthy Week Three

Healthy being the laughable word in the title of this post.  I have been so sick it’s not funny.  Man-flu.  I swear I have Man-flu.

Zombie was away for the weekend, leaving Bubble and I at home without him and unfortunately I passed my lurgies onto the poor wee man.  Fortunately for him and me, he is far to busy to be getting bogged down with Man-flu so all he had was a cold that barely affected his ability to zoom around the house at a rate of a mile a minute… leaving a trail of snot wherever he had been.  I had fun chasing him with my no energy status and was grateful that he crashed sooner than normal and went into cuddle mode.

The cuddles were great, Bubble asleep on my chest while I watched stupid movies on TV, going through box after box of tissues and downing lemon and honey hot drinks.  So grateful we have a lemon tree at our new house!  Plus my friend popped around for a while, ran some errands for me and looked after the two of us for a few hours which was awesome, but I missed out on going to my work do that I had been looking forward to and I didn’t get to enjoy the chance to starfish on the bed and not spend the night fighting for blankets and struggling to stay on the bed.  Zombie is both a blanket and bed thief, despite his inability to admit to it.

The week wasn’t all bad.  My friend bought me chocolate which as I was sick and had barely any appetite I had no qualms about eating and it did make me feel a little better, even if it was just emotionally.  Plus with Zombie being away Mum came round to look after Bubble while I was at work and it was really nice to come home to my Mum when I wasn’t feeling very well.  Zombie had a great time away on his ice hockey trip, despite coming back with Man-flu himself.  He also noted that even though he had only been gone for four days that there was a tangible difference in Bubble, including being able to pull himself up to check out Sheldon the turtle in his tank!

As far as keeping up my goals last week, they pretty much went out the window.  My step count was only met two days and even that was a struggle as I could tell I was getting sick, I didn’t much feel like eating so I ate a lot less than I normally would have (although still healthier than previous months habits so that’s something) and I had a coffee every day which was something I was wanting to avoid.  But I had Man-flu and still went to work, so I figure it’s allowed.

Results this week:

Weight: 116.6 kgs down 2.1 kg

Bust: 116 cm down 3 cm.

Waist: 116.5 cm down 0.5 cm.

Hips: 135 cm down 2 cm.

Mood: Still bogged down with Man-flu, but not depressed so that’s a win.

I’m not sure if my results can actually count this week due to being unwell, but I figure that if I keep steady with eating and moving as I get better then I should be able to continue trending downwards, which is the main thing.  I’m really looking forward to being able to report some differences in my health, such as more energy, an improvement in my eczema and a more positive outlook but I’m sure that’s only a matter of time.
Yesterday was supposed to be a reassessment day for some of my goals as I wrote about in my post Let’s Get Healthy: Make A Plan, specifically yoga, workouts and caffeine, but I think it’s fair to say that this needs to be postponed.  After all I have Man-flu (just had to get that in there ONE more time haha).  Once I’m back up and running I’ll set a new date for reassessment, hopefully sooner rather than later.

How are you going with your healthy plans for the year?
What do you do when you have setbacks?
What good things happened for you last week?

Smiles and Sunshine


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