Getting Healthy Week Two

Two weeks down already and I’d like to say that my second week was even better than the first. But… It was and it wasn’t.

I didn’t stick to the meal plan at all last week, there were skipped breakfasts, a couple of cheat days, a few drinks yesterday after the City 2 Surf, a questionable amount of chocolate and I didn’t reach my step goal every day.

There was however no coffee at all, six healthy dinners some of which translated into healthy lunches (leftovers are amazing), so much exercise that I’m just about seizing up every time I sit at my desk for more than ten minutes and my average step count was 12,500 daily for the week.

I had an unplanned cheat day last Wednesday due to forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner, but instead of rushing out to get takeaways I  cooked something simple (sausages and veggies, so not the worst thing I could have made) but then after that I think I tricked myself into thinking that having a break every now and then would be okay.  Friday night saw me eat a block of chocolate (back to my old habits?)

We went to a wedding on Saturday and after getting myself all worked up that none of my clothes fit anymore and crying to Zombie that ‘if only I’d started even two weeks earlier some of these nice clothes would actually fit,’ I did my usual trick of hanging out by the food table and stuffing my face.  I justified it to myself based on the fact I’d done another Mega Air fitness class that morning.

If you read yesterdays post City 2 Surf 2017 you’ll already know we participated yesterday and since it was such a nice hot day we decided to pick up a few drinks on the way home and sit in the backyard and relax.  But I completely overshot my step goal by hitting a 30,000 step day due to an extra unplanned 5km walk when Bubble was struggling to get to sleep.

Overall, last week wasn’t a fail, it was just out of the ordinary and I what I’ve learned from it is to be a bit stricter on myself if I want to stay on track.  My weigh in this morning was up a kg, which is not surprising (plus it always seems to happen to me after the City 2 Surf), but my measurements are still tracking down and that’s a good direction for them to be going.
Finding a balance is going to be the toughest part for me this time around.  When I did my elimination diet I wasn’t allowed slip ups whereas this time around I can have some treats, I just need to not overdo it which if last week is anything to go by it’s going to take some willpower.  But I can do it.

Results this week:

Weight: 118.7 kgs up 1 kg.

Bust: 119 cm down 3 cm.

Waist: 117 cm down 1 cm.

Hips: 137 cm down 1 cm.

Mood: Tired and sore.  The amount of walking I did yesterday I am definitely not used to.

This week I’m going to focus on hitting my step goal each day as opposed to averaging it out over the week.  I’ve got a work do on Saturday so I’m not going to deny myself there, but I’m going to try not to overdo it at the same time.  And most of all I’m going to work on being positive and happy.
Smiles and Sunshine


9 thoughts on “Getting Healthy Week Two

  1. That’s a lovely photo and you are doing well. at the work do ask a buddy to help keep you distracted from the food etc so that you are not tempted to hang around the table I know that’s one of my failings too so I try to take a small plate and walk away to talk to someone. My weight loss is very small compared to you and twice its gone up instead of down but over all it’s slowly tracking down you are an inspiration girl

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    1. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the work do, that was when Bubble and I got colds and mine wiped me out. Next time I will keep this suggestion in mind though.


  2. I don’t doubt for a minute that you will reach your goal, though there will be mis-steps and disappointments along the way. You seem to have the inner strength to see yourself through things even when the going gets tough. I love, love, love the photo of you and your darling boy.

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    1. It is one of my favourite photos of us. I try to make sure I’m in lots of photos with Bubble because I don’t want him to not have photos of me when he’s older as there are not heaps of my father and I


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