City 2 Surf 2017

Today was the annual Star City 2 Surf in Christchurch. Every year my workplace enters a group, gives us all t-shirts and puts on a BBQ afterwards and today was no different. Every year more and more staff and their families participate and this year we hit 90 entrants!

I’d decided that I was going to walk the 6km event with Bubble, since he technically did it with me last year. I initially wanted to do the 14km but I was kidding myself at my current fitness level. At the last minute when we were about to leave (after Bubble’s unplanned bath due to an unexpected explosion) Zombie decided he was going to join us.

We made it to the start line just as the signal for the beginning of the race went off and quickly got ourselves sorted, took a quick photo and then we were on our way.

The first km is always quite slow, there’s a bridge that the 6km participates have to cross and it bottlenecks for a while, so I only started the timer once we were actually moving.

It was hot and the mixture of me walking faster to keep up with Zombie and wearing all black made me quickly work up a sweat, luckily some of the residents who’s houses we passed stood by and sprayed us with their garden hoses as we went.

I didn’t feel quite so hot when we were passed by these guys though

We made it to the finish line in an hour and five minutes and met up at the tent work put on for a feed. Bubble needed to refuel after having napped half the way too. It’s hard work being a baby!

I had a great time today. Having Zombie there encouraged me to push myself to go faster than I would have alone, plus it was awesome to do something that has become such a loved event for Christchurch as a family. We’ve already decided that next year we’ll both do the 14km, with Bubble in the pram of course and we’ve made plans to train for it together too.

Smiles and Sunshine



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