Getting Healthy Week One

I’m late with writing/posting this blog post as my workmate so helpfully pointed out to me this morning.  I had reasons/excuses, but he was right, I said I’d post every Monday and I failed on the first week. I think his exact words were “LMAO” (sometimes we speak in text).  But it’s alright, it’s Tuesday now so I’m only a little late.

It’s just going to be a brief post this week.  As usual time is getting away from me but I’m pleased to say that aside from being a day late with my writing, I’m on track with everything else.

I’ve made a meal plan twice now (still not getting any easier) and I’ve even had the chance to experiment with a new recipe, Pulled Pork Nachos below where I made my own chips! Well… I made them out of low carb wraps but still, a better option for me than the standard packaged type.

My energy levels are increasing each day which is most noticeable in the fact that I’ve only had two coffees in the past week, instead of five.  I also didn’t nap over the weekend and my sleep ins were only an hour instead of four.  I even got in a full on workout at Mega Air with some workmates.  It’s a great way to exercise.  Grueling, you work up a sweat within the first couple of minutes, but it makes you feel alive and like a kid again.  It was my second time going and this time I stopped for breaks less than the first time.  I hit my step goal every day except Sunday, didn’t stray from my menu and I’ve had some results as far as weight and measurements go.

Weight: 117.6 kgs down 1.6 kgs.

Bust: 122 cm down 5 cm which is most evident in my work shirt fitting better.

Waist: 118 cm down 5.5 cm.

Hips: 138 cm down 2.5 cm

Mood: Up and down.  I’ve had headaches and some icky sessions in the toilet (I know, TMI) but that’s all part of my body getting used to this new way of life and flushing out the toxins I’ve been abusing it with for the past few months.
Everything is tracking in the right direction which is definitely something to be happy about.  It’s also a great motivation to keep going, which is exactly what I plan to do.

Smiles and Sunshine


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