Getting Healthy Day One

My first official day is done and dusted and because I said I had to write a post every Monday, I’ve written a short one today. I’ve been putting off getting started for so long that I want to jump all in and just do it now.

Obviously being the first day there’s not a lot to report on, but the day has had it’s challenges, starting with waking up 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave in the morning.  So I skipped breakfast which is something I’m trying to avoid.  I was good though, I grazed on snacks until lunch time, but because I was actually organised for a change, they were all good snacks!  Banana, yogurt, carrots… so while it wasn’t a complete breakfast, it was enough to get me by without being tempted by the vending machine.

Tomorrow I will get up on time… well I’ll try to…

Does anyone else find meal planning hard?  I wanted to keep it simple but not boring and I ended up staring at a bunch of blank spaces where I was supposed to be putting in meals and snacks for way longer than necessary before deciding to stick with what I know for now.  My meal plan is repetitive, the same breakfast, snacks and my lunches will be the same most days, but it’s food that I like and is easy to prepare.  I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll get a bit more adventurous again.

Some stats that I’ll be posting weekly:

Weight: 119.3 kgs

Neck: 36.5 cm

Arm: L – 43 cm, R – 46 cm

Bust: 127 cm

Waist: 123.5 cm

Hips: 140.5 cm

Thigh: L – 78 cm R – 79 cm

Calf: L – 52 cm R – 53 cm

Mood: Excellent.  It’s been one of the best Mondays I’ve had in a while.

And my before photos have been taken too.

So, one day down, the rest of my life to go.
Smiles and Sunshine



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