Let’s Get Healthy: Life Got In The Way

In my post Let’s Get Healthy: Identifying Obstacles, I broke down my goals and worked out the importance of each one and what could get in the way of achieving them. I hit the publish button feeling good about myself and raring to go. But I forgot to add in one major obstacle:


Life has thrown me in the deep end the past couple of weeks and I wasn’t prepared for it.  I’ve been dealing with a sick baby, sleepless nights and a couple of huge weeks at work, it’s made it difficult for me to find time to write, let alone make my plan of attack to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle.  The few times Zombie and I have had a chance to breathe we’ve both fallen asleep pretty quickly instead of being productive.  I know that this is all part of being a parent and that it will pass, but the timing is far from ideal.  I imagine that this will usually be the case though.  I guess it’s just more proof that I need a Plan A and a Plan B for when things go pear shaped so that I can still keep on track.

Basically, I need to get to a point where I can’t make excuses.  Not to say that these things aren’t genuine reasons to get behind or a little slack. Most of this past week I averaged about 3 hours of broken sleep a night due to looking after poor Bubble overnight when he was struggling to breathe through his blocked up nose and feeling miserable.  I’ve slept in a lot which has meant skipped breakfasts.  We’ve spent most of our time outside of work sticking close to Bubble who will currently only sleep if he’s being held, and while he is still his happy bubbly self he’s also gets grizzly very quickly and cries a lot which is another thing we’re not used to from him.  In turn this means we’ve had rushed dinners at 9pm in the evening just to make sure that we’re actually eating.  Fish and chips, sausages thrown in the oven with chips, just easy things that don’t take a lot of time or energy because when sleeping becomes a luxury, so does everything else.

It hasn’t been all bad though.  Last Sunday I made a meal plan and then made my shopping list from that. After shopping I went home and made my lunch for the entire week.  My snacks are ready to go items also, yoghurt, carrots, nuts, things that I can grab in the morning instead of preparing.  So, I have eaten better overall, just mostly at work.  I have stuck to a couple of the meals on the meal plan and for the most part I’ve only drank water this week (aside from the two coffees when I found myself almost falling asleep at my desk).  And despite not going for any intentional walks or exercise, I’ve hit my step goal each week, exceeded it a lot some days too.  It’s a start.

Lunch experiment.  Kumara and carrot hash rolled around spinach and ham topped with egg

Plus a lot of the groceries we brought last week have gone unused which means I’m already halfway there in terms of planning for next week.  Now that Bubble is on the mend and I’m also getting used to him being needier than usual and not sleeping through the night anymore which means I’m managing better during the day.  This may also be because I’ve been healthier overall than previous weeks.  Even small changes can make a difference.

I still need to make my plan, but now I need to include a more extensive backup plan as well.  I need breakfasts done ahead of time that can be eaten on the run.  More simple dinners that take less effort but still more nutritious than my go to back up dinners.  There’s not a lot I can do about Bubble being sick and waking constantly during the night.  It may pass as his health improves or it may continue for a while.  That’s sometime I’m going to have to deal with but how I cope the following day can be improved.  Should I have some back up breakfasts in the freezer for if I sleep late?  With my track record of sleeping late, yes.  Should I make a weeks lunch on Sunday?  Definitely, that was a life saver next week.  Should Zombie and I eat more basic foods such as meat and three veg that are less fuss for us to cook?  Absolutely.

There was coffee

Bubble seems to be getting better.  He had a rough night of sleep last night but since 4am he has spent most of the day asleep, waking for feeds and cuddles, having a small play then going back to sleep.  His little body must be exhausted and the best thing for him now is to rest and give his body a chance to catch up and mend.  It’s also given me a chance to sit down and relax but not automatically nap which is great.  Plus I’ve been able to write an entire blog post!

The whole family is pretty knackered

In the next few days I’m hoping to complete my health plan and share it and get started on it.  I’m not prepared enough to do it now and jump right in, I may still have another night of broken sleep and pacing with an upset baby ahead of me, but one thing I am certain of is I will be a lot better prepared for the next time Bubble is sick, both mentally and with backups for keeping healthy.

Smiles and Sunshine



5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Healthy: Life Got In The Way

  1. Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one to think this… but I don’t know how you do it. If you’re able to assess what’s going wrong and what can be done to help it, that’s impressive! I think I’d still be trying to keep up with basic needs (and it sounds like you had that phase, but are moving beyond it). Yay! Bubbles has a big head! But he looks adorable. Hope he’s back to normal soon and your family gets more than 3 hours average of sleep!!


  2. Ohhh, I had totally forgotten the sleepless nights due to illness. This is where the adapt and improvise mode comes into play, lol. Hope he’s feeling 100% soon. That picture is adorable of him and Zombie!


  3. I congratulate you on getting through this first bout of illness with bubbles and still managing on the whole to be healthy and you sound so positive as well. Keep up the great work of doing your lunches ahead of time and maybe you could try that with a couple of night meals too so that you have them in case of emergency 😉
    Love the photos and your kumera mush up breakfast looks yummy as I love kumera and spinach and egg I might have to try it cheers Lynne


  4. Life surely does get in the way of our plans, and it sometimes takes us a while to adjust and adapt, but it sounds like you are doing so. As I’ve said before, I have absolute faith that you will figure it out, complete your plan, and become the healthier person you want to be. In addition, you’ll love and care for the two men in your life. I know you will.


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