Parenting Anxiety: The Cot

My regular readers will know all about me and Anxiety and how I can go from zero to ‘worst case scenario’ in a matter of minutes, but when you’re a parent, it’s even faster. My brain will runs on overdrive worrying about little things that could be bad for wee Bubble. Not constantly, I’m sure a lot of parents out there would agree that this is pretty normal, but sometimes a thought will cross my mind that makes me even more nervous and not always out of the blue.

Just over a week ago we moved Bubble from his bassinet to his cot. He was starting to roll over in his bassinet, despite the fact that there wasn’t much room for him to do that and I was concerned that he would topple it over. 

I’m not mentally ready for Bubble to be in his own room yet, so we set the cot up next to my side of the bed. It turned out I wasn’t mentally prepared for him to be in his cot either.
I worry about him rolling onto his stomach in his sleep. Since before he was born we have been bombarded with messages about placing babies on their backs to sleep, without toys, smoke free house etc and it gets ingrained into you. Well for me it did anyway and I always put him to bed safely. So sometimes that goes through my head and I mull over it for a while or sometimes Bubble gives me a hell of a fright when I walk in to check on him or wake up to see him on his stomach.

He’s taken quite a liking to sleeping on his stomach. Thanks mate!

Rationally, I know he will be fine. He can roll over very easily, he has excellent control of his head and he is strong. Plunket, friends and online forums have told me that he will be fine and that’s it’s normal to worry and take a bit of getting used to them sleeping on their tummys. I’ve seen every time he’s on his stomach that his airways are clear and once he falls asleep the toys are gone as well.

It’s hard not to feel nervous about it from time to time though. And then feel nervous that maybe it’s not healthy thinking like this. The anxiety spiral. But it is normal and he will be fine and in time, I will get used to seeing him on his tummy.

Bubble loves being in the cot and he can  be hilarious in there at times.

Anxiety and parenting go hand in hand and as he grows up Bubble is going to give me plenty of reasons to worry about him and I’ll need to find a way to deal with each of those occurrences. For now it’s the cot, but I have to admit I feel calmer about it than I used to. I’m already coming to terms with the cot and the fact that my wee man is not a little baby anymore. 
Smiles and Sunshine



12 thoughts on “Parenting Anxiety: The Cot

  1. I enjoyed this, it just flowed well. The mind conjured nice imagery as I read through it.

    You pics reminded me of the ‘cot’ pics we took when our boys were young. Their girlfriends love seeing the pics too 😊

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    1. Mum is making a memory book with photos of him too, she showed me the first few months worth the other day and it’s looking great!


  2. As always with you, Katie, your first approach toward solving an emotional or physical problem you are having is to identify it and face it honestly. and it seems to me that once you do that, you are on your way to recovery. What a healthy, strong, attractive boy you are raising.

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    1. Thank you, this post was over a month ago and I no longer panic about him in his cot so I think I’m onto a good method 🙂


  3. He looks so happy in his cot! I still have my 15month old in my room, she is in a cot with a side down and pushed next to the bed. I’m sure it will be a natural transition to her own room at the right time.
    My first child is also a tummy sleeper and I used to worry too but I shouldn’t have. At 3 he will still sleep on his tummy, must feel comfy and hey if it means they sleep then that’s all good with me lol.

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