Let’s Get Healthy Part Two: Identifying Obstacles

After deciding on what short term goals I need to focus on in order to smash my long term goal, I need to decide the best way to attack each goal, when to attack and what to watch out for.

Obstacles can come in many different forms. For example, I’m currently on holiday from work for a week and during this time we have some of Zombies rellies (including Bubble’s Aunty Kimba and cousin Boyo!) here from Australia, plus a lot more to do than a normal holiday; catching up with people, Plunket appointments, Grandparents to visit… So many things! Add to this the fact that Bubble is experimenting with solids and has recently sprouted his first tooth, it’s made for a fast paced holiday with not a lot of time to relax or for making effort towards getting healthy.

I’m the kind of person who needs to be prepared in order to completely stay on track and a routine definitely helps. It’s for this reason that I’ve given myself this week as a chance to ease into it. We’ve had takeaways with the family but I’ve also been on my feet way more than ususal (my average daily step count has gone up about four thousand steps) and through the simple act of keeping water in the fridge and buying some broccoli and kale which I haven’t done for a while. I’ve also eaten more vegetables and less flavoured drinks.

I’ve taken each goal that I made and broken them down, finding if there will be any things that could disrupt my intentions and what I can do instead. After this I’ll start making a weekly plan, something that has room for movement in case life gets in the way.

  • Get back into yoga
    I’m going to put this one on the backburner for a few weeks so that I don’t have too much to jump into in one hit.  I prefer to do yoga first thing in the morning and at the moment I’m far too sluggish in the morning to get anything else done.  Once the healthier eating hits in and I have more energy I’ll be able to start incorporating yoga into my days.  I’ll be doing this from YouTube.
  • Make flavoured drinks a treat only
    If there are flavoured drinks in the house, I’ll drink them, but at work we have a water filter that delivers ice cold water. I’m not a huge fan of water unless it’s ice cold, so there’s a simple solution, keeping water in the fridge for when I’m at home and buying flavoured drinks once my holiday is over. This one will be easy for me.
  • Stop relying on caffeine
    I get caffeine mostly through cola which I need to cut out completely (no two ways about it, I just shouldn’t be drinking it) and coffee. I only drink coffee at work, it helps me keep my eyes open at my desk, but it’s also starting to become a habit. There have been days that I haven’t actually ‘needed’ one yet I’ve still gone and made one after the 9am meeting. The sooner I cut coffee the better, but it’s a bit of a catch 22. It helps me focus during the day, but those one to two cups are enough to help with maintaining my morning drowsiness. I have quit coffee before and I found that for me, cold turkey was the only way. After a week I even noticed that I didn’t need it anymore. So next week when I go back to work, the aim is no coffee.
  • Make time blog about how I’m doing each week

    Writing is a favourite pastime of mine, but as I don’t have a lot of spare time anymore it’s something that has gone on the backburner. I do tend to jump on my phone as soon as I have a few minutes spare thoughe. I’d like to start using this time to blog before I play a game or look at Facebook.
  • Drastically lower my sugar intake
    Probably the most important goal, the one that’s the main cause of all the energy loss and pain, this one I’ve already started on, since just before Christmas. Chips and chocolate are no longer on the grocery list and once all the Christmas treats we’d been given were out of the house that was it, they were staying out. I’m having trouble saying no at social events though but I think this one is going to be baby steps. I need to start cooking dinner every night and using less packaged goods such as stir fry sauces. Some soy, Worcester and sauteed garlic makes a much healthier option and is just as easy. But for this, I’ll need to plan ahead of time with backup ideas in case the unexpected happens.
  • Increase fruit and vege intake
    Something else I’ve been doing for a few weeks now. By taking ten minutes out of my morning to sit down to porridge, fruit and some nuts, I’ve not only been able to up my fruit intake but it’s also nice to have that time to sit and do nothing but eat before everyone gets up and I have to function. It’s a good way to start the day. If there are vegetables in the house I’ll eat them but for months now we’ve been doing the groceries without a list. This is not a good habit to be in and will require a weekly plan. Aim to start, Sunday of this week (grocery day). Bubble has started experimenting with solids now which means I’m making vegetables and fruit for him, I eat the leftovers to avoid food wastage
  • Make walks and physical activity a regular occurrence
    At this time of year I don’t really have a good excuse not to. Zombie and I want to kick a ball around the backyard a couple of times a week and I’d like to go for more walks. Sometimes it rains, this does put me off, but there’s no reason I can’t spend some extra time in the kitchen or dancing with Bubble on these days to make up for it. Some days are too hot? It seems to be one or the other at the moment on alternating days but this is as simple as going for a walk later in the evening when it’s cooler. It’s so pleasant walking through a quiet neighborhood when it’s nice outside at twilight.
I see more days like this in my future

If you’re on a healthy journey this year how are you going to do it? Will you join a gym, Weight Watchers, or participate in a Biggest Loser competition with friends or workmates? Will you count calories, start swimming or will you try and do it by yourself like me, following your own plan?
Let me know in the comments!

Smiles and Sunshine



9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Healthy Part Two: Identifying Obstacles

    1. Food journals are great, I find when I have to acknowledge everything I eat I make better choices. Have you used MyFitnessPal? Hope your foot is getting better

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  1. You’re doing great Katie!! I like how you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself which keeps the stress at bay! I’ve gained weight since my mom died (I’m a stress eater), and I haven’t figured out how I’m going to take it off yet… I think I’m going to have to get big into weightlifting as I don’t lose weight with just running. I just hope it’s not too late for me as I’m nearing the half-century mark, ack!!

    Keep up the great work!! And keep lots of teething rings in the freezer, lol!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never too late! I’m not a fan of weight lifting, I find it too hard but I like to do sit ups, push ups, squats etc which I find just as effective. Wee Man has two teeth now!

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  2. Great post Katie…sounds like you have a dedicated plan and just writing those goals out will really help. You could maybe print out your article and post it on the fridge or on the wall of your office or something as a way to keep it in front of you…literally!! We often print out our race training plans and strategically hang them on a kitchen cupboard or in an office. Right now, I really need to cut down on the sugar…we’ve been enjoying some down time since our last race trip but that coincided with the holidays and an abundance of stuff that we just shouldn’t be eating or drinking. Given that I work for Starbucks, coffee is not going away for me, like ever!! But, I almost only ever drink it without sugar or cream. I’m trying to cut out all alchohol monday-friday and should start my next marathon plan in a couple weeks. Best of luck and look forward to following your progress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m finding time to be the biggest thing holding me back, I just can’t find ant of it to spare! Hope you’re doing a better job of it than me 🙂

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