Let’s Get Healthy Part One: Setting Goals

​After last weeks post, I’m Not Healthy Anymore I’ve decided that in order to keep myself motivated and on track, I need to blog about it a lot, as much as I did with my elimination diet.  It worked then, the support I received from my readers, sharing their stories with me and encouraging me, it felt like a lot of us were working towards the same goal of a healthy life and it was good.

So I’m starting at the beginning.  I’ve was always the person who did everything at the last minute (to some extent I still am) with no plan or goal in mind and I’d always end up failing within a few days and giving up.  Weight loss, quitting smoking, being a tidier person, all of these things I’d decide the night before were just going to happen, just be a part of my life from then on and I’d be surprised every single time that it didn’t work out after the first few days.

But no more.  I’m going in this time, like I did with my elimination diet, with realistic expectations and a plan of attack.  This means goals. I’ve only made goals once before, and that was in 2015 which was one of the best years of my life as far as personal growth goes, so I’m taking my lead from how I got through that year.

Goals are not the same as New Years Resolutions.  Resolutions are things like ‘I’m not going to eat junk food this year’ or ‘I’m not going to smoke after January 1st.’  On paper these are great, but just how are you going to achieve that?   There’s also plenty of evidence that New Years Resolutions rarely get stuck to.  I personally think maybe the reason behind that could be because resolutions are just too restrictive, too final.  They leave no room for wiggling which for a lot of us means the slightest temptation we will jump to because we feel like we are missing out.

Based on my personal experience I think making goals and giving yourself time to achieve them is a good way to make changes in your life.  Goals are a point where you would like to get to, something you would like to achieve.  When I make a goal it’s something I’ve thought about a lot, made sure it’s realistically achievable and also something that will actually benefit me instead of making me spend all my time freaking out about breaking rules or letting up on myself occasionally.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided this year to have a few short term goals and a long term goal that will result from them.

Long term goal:

  • To be happy, healthy and back on the wellness bandwagon again.

Short term goals:

  • Get back into yoga
  • Make flavoured drinks a treat only
  • Stop relying on caffeine
  • Make time blog about how I’m doing each week
  • Plan and prepare lunches/snacks in advance
  • Drastically lower my sugar intake
  • Increase fruit and vege intake
  • Make walks and physical activity a regular occurrence

It’s going to be a lot harder this time around, with wee Bubble so dependent on Zombie and myself plus working full time, but with him in mind I know it needs to be done.  My father died when I was eight for health related reasons, I don’t want Bubble to miss out on a parent just because I couldn’t control myself for a while.

Looking forward to being able do this again

This isn’t about losing weight.  Obviously with healthy changes that will happen, but mentally I’m still in the same place as I was when I wrote I’m Not Ashamed Of My Body.  This is about being able to sit on the ground with my son without needing help to get both down and up in the first place.  It’s about having the energy to keep up with him, enjoy my life, climb the stairs at work without getting puffed, freeing my mind of depression and anxiety, about standing up after sitting for 10 minutes and the weight not killing my feet… It’s about having a quality life that I can enjoy.
The next step after goals is to make a plan, I’ll be blogging about that soon.

What do you think about goals vs. resolutions?
Is there anything you want to achieve this year?
Do you think I’ve missed any short term goals that could help?

Let me know in the comments!

Smiles and Sunshine


16 thoughts on “Let’s Get Healthy Part One: Setting Goals

  1. Do you know about smart goals? Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound….so e.g. reduce sugar intake from x amount to y amount between Jan and March…..just a thought to help the goals more reachable…go well on your journey back to health.

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    1. Ah yes I knew there was an acronym I was forgetting, I even blogged about SMART goals in 2015! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll need to expand my goals for the next post 🙂


  2. Go you!! You can do it. You amaze me with how much inner strength you have. I look forward to seeing how your journey goes. I am also on a plan to get back to exercise and a healthier lifestyle. So keep the inspiration going!!

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  3. I think these goals are very good and you are right in saying they have more chance of success than New Years resolutions. The only suggestion from me is is to set yourself rewards along the way that don’t involve food or drink for example maybe a luxurious bath with candles and bath salts or a movie night with zombie, these help you keep going. And say well done to yourself. You have motivated me to get up and go for a walk this morning as I have put on weight over Christmas and the year to be honest 😦 so thank you for inspiring me

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    1. Thank you Lynne and what a great suggestion! Food has always been my reward so will be nice to have something else instead 🙂


    1. Excellent suggestion. I have no issue drinking water at work as it’s super cold out of the cooler but when I get home it’s hard. Will definitely start doing this.

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      1. ohh, I forgot how great cooler water is! But yeah fridge is the same.
        Some people might worry an open jug (I use a glass beer jug) may pick up smells/flavours from other things in the fridge. You could just as easily keep 3 or 4 plastic 1.5L bottles in there. A good way to monitor liquid intake too.

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  4. Fabulous goals Katie!! So very positive! I have no doubt you will succeed!! Especially when you commit yourself to publicly documenting it weekly… sometimes having to check in with someone weekly keeps one honest and driven!!

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  5. I just read both “I’m Not Healthy Anymore” and “Let’s Get Healthy Part I: Setting Goals. My first reaction is that in the delightful picture of you and your son, you both look happy, loved, and loving. Next, as I’ve told you before, I’ve never known anyone as willing as you to acknowledge your weaknesses and admit it when you’ve disappointed yourself. And finally, I think you are wise to set achievable goals allowing yourself some wriggle room rather than making strictly defined resolutions. I know you can do this and I’m looking forward to reading about both your progress and any setbacks you encounter because I know you will tell the real story and will make yourself healthy again.

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    1. Thank you and my apologies for taking so long to respond to your comment. I have definitely been more disciplined but am having trouble getting fully started after life threw a few curve balls at me. I’ll get there though. I love that picture of us also!


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