Small Goals Week One

So I’m a week overdue with this post. I’ve been incredibly busy with the final week of my course, my wee man has been going through his longest growth spurt yet and we are moving house in less than a weeks time, which is exciting, but stressful enough without a young baby!

I have however managed to do pretty well with the goals I set in my post Setting Small Goals for both of the weeks that have passed, which I’m pretty pleased about.

My soft drink consumption has decreased dramatically, I’ve only had about 3 glasses over two weeks, instead of a few each day. I also had these when I was visiting friends instead of in front of the TV, which I think classes it as more of a treat, as soft drink should be.

My second goal of eating a decent breakfast has been on track for the most part. There have still been a couple of days where I’ve had to graze all morning between feeds instead of  sitting down to a bowl of porridge or toast, but it’s gone from a daily occurrence which is an improvement. Next week will be more difficult however with the final pack up of our current apartment.

My final goal of daily walks and hitting 10,000 steps has had mixed success. I’ve only missed one step goal, but life and the weather has gotten in the way of daily walks. There have been more walking days than not however which I’m happy with. 

So it’s been a mixed success, but definitely not a failure as I’m trying to ease myself back into healthy habits.
My original plan was to add to my goals each week, but with the shift next week it’s just not going to be feasible. I’ll be trying my best to stick with the current goals, but I’m definitely not putting any pressure on myself. My week will be active and full enough without adding to it.

A few years ago I would have considered the last few weeks efforts a failure and possibly even have given up completely, but not this time. I’ve learned that success doesn’t have to be jumping in headfirst and not having any setbacks, it can be as simple as making a decent effort and not giving up.
Smiles and Sunshine



8 thoughts on “Small Goals Week One

  1. Looks like a great week, and great work on the consistency towards your goals.
    If you’re moving, I think a justified goal is to make it through the week without wanting to throw down a box of dishes (or better, without throwing down a box of dishes…the sentiment can be there).
    Good luck!

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  2. Once again, you show how wise and self-understanding you are as you take a commonsense approach to your goals. Good for you. If I were working, caring for a baby, and moving, I’d be a basket case gorging on chocolate and wine.

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