Quiet Minds Radio Interview; My Pregnancy And Mental Health

Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while might remember about a year ago I did a radio interview for Quiet Minds on Plains FM about my elimination diet and blog and the positive effect they both had on my mental and physical health, the interview you can find here.

A couple of weeks before my son was born I did another interview with them, this time on my mental health during my pregnancy. Again I was nervous, especially this time since the person interviewing me was Zombie himself, but as usual I shouldn’t have worried. The interview flew by and was casual like a normal conversation. Plus we did the whole thing in one take which Zombie mentioned doesn’t happen very often.

Since our son was born we’ve done a follow up interview regarding the anxiety I felt regarding the c section and first few weeks of being a mother, which will air in a few weeks time.


In the meantime, you can find the podcast for the before birth interview here. The interview is just over 25 minutes long so make sure you’ve got time for the whole thing if you want to listen to it. I hope you enjoy it.

Smiles and Sunshine


6 thoughts on “Quiet Minds Radio Interview; My Pregnancy And Mental Health

  1. What a wonderful discussion between you two. I don’t think I realized or remembered that Zombie has anxiety too. It was lovely to hear your voices, and I hope that this reaches and helps someone who is going through the same thing as you did, and that it lets them know they are not alone.

    I can’t remember my anxieties when I was pregnant, but I had a new situation come up yesterday where I was in complete freak-out mode. AJ rode his bike downtown with a friend, all by themselves, to attend the local festival that’s going on here. I wasn’t ready for that mentally I don’t think, so the horrid irrational thoughts went through my mind all day and I couldn’t focus, I just kept busy. No point to this other than just sharing. Just another stage, lol. And yes, he finally returned home fine, 😀

    Hope you are all doing well. Xoxo

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    1. I guess being a parent the anxiety never really leaves, always worrying if they are safe. Sounds like you handled it well though. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that Zombie also has anxiety before, for a while he was afraid of people knowing, even though I was out and proud but also his is not my story to tell. I think hosting the radio show has helped him though and I hope hearing it helps others too

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    1. Thank you, we were hoping to have a natural conversation as opposed to an interview so that it sounded more genuine ☺


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