The Final Stretch

So it’s been over two weeks since I last wrote a post, which is very unlike me.  I’ve barely written at all which is not ideal especially with the course I’m doing.  I’ve just had so much on both mentally and physically that it’s just been easier to completely blob when I do get a chance to sit down, which is what I should be doing at nearly 39 weeks pregnant anyway.

I’ve finished up at work now.  It was the strangest feeling to leave work last Friday, knowing that I wouldn’t be going back until much later in the year.  I managed to get through the last two weeks after my freak out week really well, but I have to admit it got harder each day just due to my tiredness.  My boss was really cool and set me up with a spare computer in an office by myself so all I really had to do was potter around with a couple of small projects and take any calls from the new guy if he needed help, instead of being amongst the action and getting myself overwhelmed again.

I’m only three days into my maternity leave and I’d like to say that I’ve been relaxing, but unfortunately I can’t, unless you count sleeping in, which I kinda don’t since I don’t really sleep much at night anymore!  My plan was to get everything that still had to be done finished on Monday, which was the car seat installation and the finishing touches on the babies area, but of course it didn’t happen.  The place I was told would sort the car seat didn’t tell me that they closed at 1.30 on Mondays and I ended up spending the afternoon selling my old car and catching up with a friend instead of sorting the babies things.  Having said that, it’s good to finally be rid of the old car and seeing my friend forced me to sit down for a few hours which was really nice.

So Tuesday became the get things finished day, except of course that didn’t eventuate either.  The place that was supposed to do the car seat installation apparently doesn’t do the installation part, just checks it’s installed properly, despite telling me they would install it when I rang them.  They weren’t rude, but they were incredibly unhelpful, told me it was going to cost around $200 and that I’d have to sort it myself with a mechanic.  Luckily I have friends in the car industry who pointed me in the right direction and I managed to get the car seat ready to go today, for only $50, by a seatbelt company that I would absolutely recommend to anyone.  They were very friendly both on the phone and in the shop, incredibly helpful and even gave me a discount because apparently I had an easy seat and an easy car to deal with.  I felt bad and wanted to pay the extra $10 but they wouldn’t hear of it!

As well as getting the car seat sorted today, I also had a growth scan as at my last midwife visit she was a little surprised at how much the little one had grown in the six days since my previous appointment.  The really cool part about this was I got to see my babies face for the first time!  It is so cute and I am absolutely in love (like I wasn’t already).  Baby wouldn’t stop moving the entire time which made the scan difficult, the complete opposite issue of the 20 week scan, but it’s so reassuring to have such an active baby that I don’t mind at all.  Based on the scan they are saying that baby is already 9.5 pound and I still have over a week until my due date, however a lot of people have said that the scans aren’t always accurate.  I’m not too worried anyway, it’s gotta come out somehow and I just can’t wait to meet the little one!


I’d like to say that I’ll be resting up tomorrow, but no, I still have to put babies things away and tidy the house a little (this nesting thing makes me feel like I have to spend every second I’m at home cleaning which I am not a fan of!)  I’ve got a pregnancy photo shoot and I’m also doing another radio interview like the one I did last year on mental health, this year on mental illness and pregnancy.  But Friday is clear plus Zombie is not working that day so I’m sure he will force me to spend the day on the couch.  I have no plans to object!

Smiles and Sunshine


8 thoughts on “The Final Stretch

  1. Yay!! Enjoy the small amount of time you have left by yourself!! Have a few date nights if you can!! The fun will soon start and yes I mean going into labor too, it is such an amazing experience…embrace it, it is nothing bad, I would do it again, the reward is huge. ❤

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  2. Ah, we’ve missed your posts but it is important that you get your things sorted before you can sit down and ‘write’! baby’s face! Sounds so exciting…can’t wait to see the baby…have a safe and sweet delivery!!! And come back soon to share the happiness with the world out here 😀

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  3. So awesome Katie! It’s getting super exciting! I hope you’ll share a pregnancy photo from the shoot, and while it’ll be the last thing on your mind, I do hope you’ll post a picture of baby soon after arrival! Wishing you the very best!! Xoxo

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