Third Trimester Time

I’m officially in the home stretch now, 28 weeks pregnant, getting bigger, more excited and a little more stressed every day.

The closer I get to my due date, the more I realize just how much I have left to do before baby makes his or her arrival. I’m waking up at all hours, worrying about all sorts of things that I’ve forgotten to put on the list of things we need and of course forgetting about them again by morning.

The other morning I worked myself into a frenzy over the temperature of the house during winter. All logic went out the window until Zombie reminded me that of course we are going to get another heater. Quite pleased to have him around to level my head out at these times!

Emotionally I’m back on a rollercoaster, happy, sad, angry, you name it, I’ll feel it in a day. My temperament is short and I often get angry at myself when the baby brain kicks into action. Making lists is helping with that though, as long as I remember to check it…

Sleep is a little easier now, I’m still tossing and turning, but I’ve discovered that if I straighten my legs instead of bending them like I usually would, I don’t wake up sore anymore which is definitely preferable. There were some mornings I was hobbling around for the first two hours of the day because my hips were so tight from sleeping, but I’ve managed to sort that for the time being. It’s still hard to get comfortable, but I figure that’s just part of pregnancy.


All in all, my excitement is the biggest change as I enter the final months of pregnancy. It’s becoming very real now. I can feel baby moving around all the time and I really love sitting around watching my belly jump about. Baby still has a habit of keeping still as soon as Zombie comes over for a look or feel but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he will get to feel a kick himself.

Smiles and Sunshine


8 thoughts on “Third Trimester Time

  1. I think “Smiles and Sunshine” is an even more apt sign-off for you now, Katie. You look so happy in the photograph, and your words sing with happiness as well, even as you acknowledge the difficulties of pregnancy. It is fun o read your posts.

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    1. Thank you, it’s funny because I am feeling every emotion under the fun, just yesterday I wanted to completely give up because I was so sore, tired, sick and over it but I was still happy. It’s an interesting time that’s for sure


  2. Have you felt hiccups yet?! They’re so funny… you’ll know when they happen if haven’t. AJ would drive me mad with hiccups, lol!! This is the funnest time with being pregnant!! πŸ˜€ And I apologize for not seeing this earlier! :-/

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    1. I’m guessing that I haven’t felt hiccups yet although there are times that my stomach jumps around like crazy which is always entertaining πŸ™‚

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