The Baby Brain Is In Full Swing

I’m not saying that I thought that Baby Brain was a myth, but I wasn’t prepared for just how forgetful I would become.  I’m twenty-seven weeks pregnant now and the brain fog seems to be getting cloudier everyday.  I’ve locked myself out of the house three times, forgotten to do things at work that I’ve been doing every single working day for nearly five years and I keep telling Zombie that it’s only a matter of time before I forget his name!

My keys, which have always lived in my handbag if they’re not in the ignition, keep showing up in the strangest places (although not the fridge yet).  Almost every time I leave the house I have to double back to get my lunch, water bottle, or sometimes even my phone (try as I might I just can’t handle not having it on me even though it spends most of the day sitting silently).  And for anyone who has sent me a text message or Facebook message, I’m sorry if I haven’t replied, it only takes about thirty seconds before I forget that I’ve received a message!

I’m forgetting to add vital ingredients when I cook dinner, forgetting to get the meat out of the freezer for dinner and any time I go to the supermarket I’m guaranteed to forget at least half the items, even when I take a list with me.  The list sits in front of me in the trolley, with glaringly obvious uncrossed out items and yet I still don’t give them a second thought until I get home.

I’m constantly walking into rooms forgetting why I’m there in the first place (I know we all do this, but every single time?), I’ve nearly forgotten to put the powder in the washing machine a few times and today I even caught myself putting my bra in the fridge instead of the washing machine.  Would have made for a nice surprise the next time Zombie went to get a drink!

At work I’ve had to start making lists of things not to forget, something that’s a little embarrassing considering that generally the things I’m forgetting are the little things that happen every day without fail.  It’s definitely going to be interesting when I start training the person who covers my maternity leave in a few weeks.   There have been plenty of times where I’ve had to trek back to the office because I forgot to take my lunch with me from my bag to the staffroom.  One time I even had to go back twice because I forgot why I’d gone back to the office in the first place!

My long term memory seems okay and unfortunately my anxiety memory isn’t suffering at all (I’m still agonizing daily over every single conversation I have that had even the slightest potential to be taken the wrong way, even the years old ones), it just seems to be the little yet important things that are a part of everyday life that just won’t stay inside my brain anymore.

mom braain.png

I’ve been told it’ll never come back, I’ve been told it’ll come back after the baby is a few months old and I’ve been told that it’ll come and go throughout the pregnancy.  All I know is, it’s frustrating as anything but it’s definitely made for hilarity at times.

Smiles and Sunshine


6 thoughts on “The Baby Brain Is In Full Swing

    1. I’m just trying to look on the bright side, it does upset me at times but there’s not a lot I can do about it and at least its for a good cause.


  1. I took a container of yogurt out of the refrigerator, and remembered that I needed to defrost some meat for dinner so I grabbed some frozen chicken out of the freezer. I then could not find the yogurt anywhere, I thought I had put it on the countertop but it wasn’t there. So I got another yogurt from the fridge.
    I found the yogurt the next day, I had left it in the freezer.

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