25 Weeks Pregnant: Sleepless Nights, Swinging Moods and Success

You know those weeks that drag and everything pisses you off?  Each day you wake up disgusted that it’s still a weekday and in absolute disbelief  that it’s been more than five minutes since you turned out the lights.  Each day it gets harder to pull yourself out of bed and go through the motions of being an adult, you achieve the bare minimum required to survive and smiling is the furtherest thing from your mind.   This week was one of those weeks.  The days were long and arduous, even though nothing really went wrong and despite the fact that we are now in Autumn and definitely experiencing less daylight hours.  For most of the week it also wasn’t unbearably hot which I definitely wasn’t complaining about.

I think the worst part of this week for me was the sleepless nights.  I’m finding it very difficult to get comfortable.  I was never a stomach sleeper, but obviously this is not an option at all now.  Sleeping on my back is also out of the question although if I stack pillows behind me I can lean towards it a little sometimes.  Sleeping on my right hand side gives me a sore right hip after a short period of time and sore legs after a bit longer, which pretty much just leaves sleeping on my left side with a pillow between my legs.  The only downside to this is I can’t stay in the one position all night which makes for a lot of tossing and turning to avoid pain.  I seem to wake up every half hour to forty minutes, usually due to discomfort and I think this is the main contributing factor to my moodiness.


It hasn’t been all bad though.  Today was the annual City2Surf and I actually managed to get a decent sleep for it.  I haven’t been walking a lot lately as I tend to get stomach pains when I do and it takes longer than it used to, but today during the 6km walk I discovered that the reason for this is actually back strain.  Walking at normal speed with the extra weight on my front must be putting a huge strain on my back (duh Katie) and the only way I’d found to combat it was to slow right down.  But then I discovered that if I spent the majority of the walk, hands firmly on hips supporting my back the stomach pain stopped.  Today I learned that it’s back brace time and I’m 100% fine with that.  Not only am I proud to have achieved this walk on a stinky hot day (28 degrees!  I was so grateful for the residents who stood at the end of their driveways with their sprinklers spraying anyone who wanted a cool down as they passed) but I’ve also discovered that I’m going to be able to walk a bit more now, something I have missed.  The walk took me just over an hour and a half, which was the time I was predicting too so all in all a good day!


I think the best part of this week has been that my anxiety about babys’ wellbeing inside me has subsided dramatically.  I have a busy little acrobat in my belly and I’m really enjoying being able to feel baby moving about as often as he/she does.  It puts my mind at ease and it feels really cool too.  Today as I was recovering on the couch with ice cold water and a fan blowing cold air aimed right at me (it is still 30 degrees as I type this despite being late afternoon in autumn) I noticed that baby was being particularly active and when I looked down I was ecstatic to see that I could see my belly jumping about with the babies jolts!  Of course as soon as Zombie came over for a look and a feel baby decided to stop, but it was exciting for me all the same.

Pregnancy sure has it’s ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for the world and the more I feel my little acrobat moving about inside me, the more excited I get.

Smiles and Sunshine



7 thoughts on “25 Weeks Pregnant: Sleepless Nights, Swinging Moods and Success

  1. Not sleeping well is the one thing guaranteed to make me grumpy; and, amazingly, the one thing that will lift that mood is a walk. We must be psychic twins! Good for you, walking so far in heat, figuring out what you need to be able to walk more comfortably, and delighting in the movement of your baby. You are something, my friend.

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    1. It’s amazing what a good nights sleep can do for the spirits! I like the psychic twins thought too. I’m definitely not enjoying the uncomfortable sleeplessness, but it’s all for a good cause so trying to stay positive (despite the grumpiness)


  2. You walk faster pregnant than I run!! Good job!! Definitely get the back brace to help relieve some of the pain! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! It’s all very much worth it in the end! I had a doctor (or someone) jokingly tell me that the sleepless nights is your body getting you prepared for when the baby comes so you’re used to being awake at all hours and can tend to the baby’s needs if necessary. Worked for me mentally! I could accept that! (Doesn’t make it easier, but if I think there’s logic behind it, then I won’t fight it, lol)

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    1. Lol I’m sure that’s not true, this was kilometers, so maybe that’s the difference? I’ve heard that line about sleepless nights and preparation and I think it’s really unfair haha! This should be my last chance for sleep for the next eighteen years! But you’re right, it’s definitely going to be worth it and despite my grumpiness I am excited 😁

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      1. Okay, well, maybe I run a little faster, but not by much, hehe. You really did great with your walk!! And no, it’s not fair the lack of sleep, BUT, good news here, you’ll catch up again when they’re 4 or 5!! So, yayyy! Just be sure to sleep when the baby sleeps and you’ll be okay. 😀

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  3. Wandered my way here though your comment on another blog but I’m glad I did! Love your candid posts… Looking forward to more. Do stop by my blog for light hearted reads inspired by everyday moments! Cheers

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