Patiently Impatient

I shared my exciting news in my recent post Excitement Rising and mentioned that I have never been more impatient in my life. At each stage I get to, I can’t wait to get to the next.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to feel more symptoms as odd as that might sound. I quickly got my wish in the form of constant nausea, extreme tiredness, extreme mood swings and tender breasts. This wasn’t such a fun part, but it made it feel a lot more real, but of course I couldn’t wait for the morning sickness to be over and to feel a little better.

Then I couldn’t wait for the twelve week scan. I was as nervous as anything for that entire wait, worried about the unknown, the possibility of miscarriage, all my emotions heightened by the hormones rushing through my body. I wanted that worry to be over, but most of all I wanted to be able to tell people I loved. I had exciting news I wanted to share!

I’m almost at the halfway point of my pregnancy, I’m in my nineteenth week. The last couple of days I have felt what my midwife and all the research I’ve done is called ‘quickening,’ which is my babies movements and something I’ve been patiently impatiently waiting for since before I even knew I was expecting! Every woman experiences these feelings differently and for me it has been a minor discomfort in my lower abdomen on the left hand side.

Even though I’d read several articles with information on this, I naturally felt anxious about it, like something was wrong. Luckily the feelings coincided with an appointment with my midwife yesterday and she brought it up before I got the chance to! I felt better after talking to her and then even better a few minutes later when I got to hear my babies heartbeat again!

Of course now I’m feeling the discomfort almost every time I sit or lie still. It doesn’t worry me anymore, but it’s brought out more impatience in me, I want to feel a proper kick. I’m barely even showing yet!

I have a bit of a belly going on, but for the most part it’s been there since about eight weeks. When I found out I was pregnant I reintroduced gluten and dairy into my diet, a side effect of which was rapid weight gain. But seriously, I can’t wait to have a proper bump!

Next week is my twenty week scan. While we are not going to be finding out the sex, I still can’t wait for this either. I get to see my baby again! And no doubt after that, I’ll be even more impatient to show and feel ‘proper’ movement. Zombie is impatient too, he often puts his hand on my tummy in the hopes of a ‘high five,’ although he’s being a lot more practical about than me and doesn’t actually expect to feel anything yet.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the process. It’s new and exciting, scary and unknown in a good way, the most amazing experience of my life so far and I have all the patience in the world for this process in order to have a happy and healthy wee baby in a few months time, but it’s true that I’ve never been more impatient for something in my entire life.

Smiles and Sunshine


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