The Little Things

Yesterday I woke up at 6am. On a Saturday! I was annoyed. Not only was it stupid o’clock, but it was also one of the few sleep ins I have left before reality kicks in again on Tuesday when I go back to work. I kind of feel like my year hasn’t officially started yet, what with being on holiday for so long and you know what? I could get used to it. But I digress.

So I was annoyed. I literally scowled at the clock when I saw the time, in my head surely it must be the clocks fault that I was awake so early. I’m certainly not capable of waking up that early of my own accord when I have to. I lay awake for a few minutes, feeling ripped off and trying to find a silver lining. There were plenty of things that needed doing, maybe getting a head start wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Considering I had only just woken up I was surprisingly alert. Another difference from mornings when I actually have to be awake at this time.

It was during my pondering that I realized it was raining outside. I absolutely love the sound of rain when I’m lying in bed. I don’t think there’s a lot that can top it really. Knowing that outside is wet, miserable and possibly cold (it may be summer but that’s never stopped New Zealand from putting on a cold day), while I’m tucked up in bed, toasty warm and just listening to the water tumbling down from the sky.

I don’t have a tin roof, but it’s still a distinguishable sound, the rain on my roof, plus the sound of it falling on the patio outside my window and when you couple it with early morning Saturday when there is very little traffic going past, it’s incredibly comforting.

I immediately stopped all my thinking and just listened, lying in bed, my eyes closed, enjoying the sound of Mother Nature. I even got my sleep in wish as it wasn’t very long before I fell back to sleep for a while, although not before I’d gotten a decent listen to the rain.


When I did wake up later I was much more content. The rain had stopped and I could hear a lot of traffic, but I was no longer in a rushed annoyed state about everything that needed doing and missing out on the privilege of a sleep in. It was at that moment that I realised one of my goals for this year. A simple goal, that’s not going to cost me a thing, will not take too much effort and will give me the benefits of slowing down and enjoying myself.

Enjoy the little moments.

Rain on the roof, the smell of flowers when out walking, a beautiful sunset, a cool breeze on a hot day… There are thousands of little moments that get lost in my busy lifestyle but when I do notice them, they have the ability to calm me, slow me down and help me relax even if it is only a few moments out of my day. So this year, I am going to keep a better eye out for them.

Smiles and Sunshine


6 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. When the traffic outside is slack, there is also pleasantness to the sound of the occasional car passing by on the wet road.

    Also, one of the few apps I have on my phone is one which just plays the sound of rain falling, and one can also have the sound of distant thunder if one should wish this, too.

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    1. Snow! I love snow too, there is something surreal about it’s peacefulness. Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of snow here but I’m hoping for some this year.

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      1. We got a bunch 2 wks ago w/ the Jonas storm front. The first day it was so neat to stay inside and just look out at the landscape and appreciate the beauty and how the world and all the hum-drum was softened and stilled.

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