#Loveme Day Twenty Five: What Makes Me Laugh

Today’s topic is quite an easy one, because laughing is one of my favourite things to do and I do it a lot!


It doesn’t take much to make me laugh.  Dad jokes especially make me laugh.  I just find them hilarious!  The more lame, the better in my opinion.  Zombie is full of dad jokes and while I give him shit for it, I actually do appreciate them. I hate jokes about German sausages, they’re the wurst.

I have a tendency to see the humour in a lot of things and laugh at all of them, no matter how inappropriate.  I have a loud ever changing laugh that often makes people laugh when they hear and I’m okay with that. Sometimes I laugh about jokes or events from years ago just because they popped into my head.  If someone tells a funny story, I’m usually the first to laugh and also, the person who laughs the longest.  So much so that I might still be laughing about it ten minutes later when everyone else has finished laughing (although often this is just me with a silly grin on my face thinking about what happened as opposed to actual out loud laughter.

I laugh at myself.  I do and say silly things sometimes and that’s funny! I’m quite happy to laugh about tripping over or muddling up my words, its a lot more fun that way and it also lightens the mood.

Sometimes, I can’t laugh.  As always, these times are when I’m having a low day or a particularly anxious moment.  It doesn’t matter if its something I’ve found funny in the past, or something that is guaranteed to get a laugh out of me, on these days, it is hard for me to laugh.  The feeling of helplessness seems to cancel out any humour I might have.  However if I’m lucky, it’s only a minor low point and a laugh will snap me out of it.  They say laughter is the best medicine and I am a firm believer of that, provided that my mental health is playing ball.

Our days should be filled with laughter.  Life is too short to be taking ourselves and our surroundings too seriously.  As Charlie Chaplin once said, ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted.’

Smiles and Sunshine



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