#LoveMe Day Twenty Four: What Makes Me Happy

I’m back after a much needed hiatus from this challenge and ready to tackle the last few days, starting with What Makes Me Happy.


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes me happy. Of course Zombie does, spending time with good friends and family, achieving things, but I’m the type of person who, I’m either happy or I’m not and when I’m not it’s usually depression related which as many of us know there is no quick fix for.

I wrote a post a while ago; Is Happiness A Choice and to this day my answer remains the same. Yes and no. I choose to be happy most of the time. I get helped along by witnessing human kindness and compassion for fellow people and animals alike and sharing in other peoples good news.

There are the days of course that I can’t be happy, either due to anxiety or depression. These days are not as frequent as they used to be but sometimes they still rear their heads. And I couldn’t tell you what makes me unhappy on those days either.

All in all, not a very good answer really, but I just take happiness as it comes. I try to be as happy as possible for the majority of the time and not question it. That’s just asking anxiety in and that’s something I’d like to avoid.

Smiles and Sunshine


6 thoughts on “#LoveMe Day Twenty Four: What Makes Me Happy

  1. A wonderful reply in part because I think we all too easily fall into the trap of thinking something out there beyond the self makes us happy, rather than we finding the happiness within that something. If that makes any sense.

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